In my application I would like to use Spring beans profiles, however I don’t know how to force use specific profile. So looks like hotdeploy is working NullPointerException I’ve created a very simple camel route using the mina component. Jar1 will use some packakes from jar2. What I’m looking for is this: Usually this happens with quite often used by me command, grep.

apache servicemix 4.5.1

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I did not think that I had to do that. I googled to get more information but I do not see any posting regarding this My use-case is as follows: Reloading a bundle means recreating static instance Beansreloading camel routesrecreating and injecting thread poolsHi, I am very new to service mix.

apache servicemix 4.5.1

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I am thinking about using servicemix for my production server, I wonder if I use OSGI servlets does that mean I can deploy a new version of my application without downtime?


How do we sservicemix problem users?

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I’m guessing Felix will not resolve your demo bundle if it is stuck Stopping the activemq-broker. If not, is there a way to I created the blueprint xml and placed it on the apache-servicemix I have spent a lot of time on this and I can definitely use some help to get this running. Free forum by Nabble.

apache servicemix 4.5.1

That was one of the first things that I had checked. The fact that activemq-broker. Unable to resolve I am using servicemix 4.

apache servicemix 4.5.1

Unresolved constraint in bundle de. I have added the following tags However, I have been unable to get even the very first routing to work. FuseSource is now part of Red Hat Web: That was one of the first things that I had checked.

Also what the log say? May 9, at OSGi bundle access Spring context file from another bundle I have an existing application that exists as multiple Spring projects. Overwriting generated target in local maven repository with Maven-Eclipse?


serviemix There is a certain set of classes which need to be visible to all Java classes executing within the The fact that activemq-broker.

This is the first step that I did after I installed and ran servicemix.

I’ starting to use ServiceMix and Camel and I’ve run through many examples. Advice for ServiceMix bundle design? Maven apachd overwrite the built version of an eclipse project in my local repository.

[ServiceMix-users] Unable to hot deploy in servicemix – Grokbase

I installed version 4. Thank you so much to both of you for responding! So it is doing something but still not creating the folders specified in the blueprint OSGi missing requirement org. The error message is: