Dynamic hillshading layer properties symbology and rendering display options. You have raster data for elevation, vegetation type, and fire risk. ArcScene projects all data in an ArcScene document according to the first layer added to the document. Supported for rasterized layers. About geoprocessing with 3D Analyst. Visualizing 3D data Analyzing 3D data.

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Data that does not have projection information associated with it cannot be added into ArcGlobe. To visualize the county in three dimensions for promotional purposes, such as images for brochures and animations for videos. Displaying features in ArcGlobe. ArcScene projects all data in an ArcScene document according to the first layer added to the document.

Available with 3D Analyst license. Saving a 3D document. You can view data covering a global extent and seamlessly zoom in to highly detailed, localized data.

Creating 3D animations An overview of animation. Most of your data is within one square mile around a group of oil wells.

To visualize the oil wells in three dimensions to see the effectiveness and coverage of your bores.


3D Analyst and ArcGlobe

Creating a 3D animation. ArcGlobe is an excellent application for visualizing large, global data. Printing an ArcGlobe document. ArcGlobe is a 3D visualization application that allows you to view large amounts of GIS dara on a globe surface. Saving an ArcGlobe document.

You can change the properties of a 3D globe to set the following:.

3D Analyst and ArcGlobe—Help | ArcGIS Desktop

For elevation data, you have a number of tiled DEM rasters that cover the entire county. As a result, Esri has disabled the ability to run ArcGlobe over remote desktop. Learn more about viewing in stereo in ArcScene. For maximum performance, cache your data, which will organize and copy the dqta data into tiled LODs. You have detailed data for the entire county.

ArcScene loads all data into available memory and uses paging files if necessary. Annotation features cannot be displayed in ArcScene. You also have a raster DEM for arcgllobe 10 square miles around the wells.

The process of caching indexes and organizes all your data into tiles and levels of detail. It has very good performance at navigation and rendering high- and low-resolution raster and vector data.


Exporting a 3D arcglob. Your data includes a series of aerial photographs, road centerlines, parcel boundaries, building footprints, land-use regions, and points of interest. Setting the role of a 3D document. You have building footprints, road centerlines, park areas, and transportation infrastructure data for a city, based on a prediction model for 15 years in the future.

This option is particularly useful with annotation feature classes, which can be draped on the surface or automatically billboarded to face the viewer. ArcGlobe ships with a comprehensive set of imagery on DVD, including elevation data for the entire earth.

Replacing Esri ArcGlobe with GE – Google Earth Hjälp

Using 2D data in ArcGlobe. Although ArcScene is enabled for remote desktop access, performance can be very limited. Here are a few examples:.