It should be visible for the MS environment and may be hidden from the LS environment. Reporting Template Project – logging and analysing actions. First let’s have a look at the products and services delivered by Axinom. Out of all the components, this is the easiest to configure, so we’ll only touch upon this topic lightly. If its name is Default Website , you should replace it only with that name it is not the domain name or host header.

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Visibility In general, it should be visible for the audience for whom it is intended. It should have its own domain name and can run even if MS and PS servers are offline. Premium Template Project – advanced szenarios for a general purpose web site multisite, different layouts, templates, navigationmultilanguage, etc.

Configuration has the following format:. One of them – Standard Template Proejct – is delivered for free for everyone and the others are only available for Solution Providers for additional price. NET Framework 4, Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Silverlight 4, allows enterprises to increase process efficiency, reduce operating costs and more effectively manage delivery of rich media assets on the Web and mobile devices.

Axcmd Template Project – logging and analysing actions. WebService – external publishing process. It should be visible for the MS environment and may be hidden from the LS environment.



Service should use an IIS site configured on a local axcme for getting the configuration from. Please send the following information to my e-mail address: So if we have a domain name www.

InProcess – internal publishing process. Business Analysing solution including definition of the cube and a template in Excel with most used reports.

9 has been released – CMS Critic

Every node should see the next one and it is not necessary for it to see the previous one. Show video User rights.

The new version 10 of AxCMS. WYSIWYG mode, integrated image editor, extended list views, and detail views of objects allow a substantial acceleration of typical editor tasks. Create new solution either from scratch or as a copy of one of the template projects Copy the needed functionality from the tempalte projects you acquired If needed, create your own template for the further projects reflecting your needs and your infrastructure Current template projects focus on the different aspects of web development: A software decrypts the QR-code and directs you to a web page – so you do not even need to know the web address to reach it.

As you can see from the picture below, MS and LS can operate within different networks and run on different servers. First let’s have a look at the products and services delivered by Axinom.

Domain name for Publish Service. MS and LS communicate with each other only in one direction: QR stands for Quick Response – with one step you can quickly reach a website. Just keep in mind that it should be installed on MS and LS servers if you have a separated environment. The new solution helps reducing ongoing costs for managing and distributing to large audiences, while at the same time drastically reducing time-to-market and one-time setup costs.


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Share this Article Like this article? The application is first developed in the development environment and then deployed into production, where the end users use it and the editors add content. Partners with gold competencies represent organizations and associated individuals that have demonstrated the highest, most consistent capability and commitment within a specific Microsoft business solution area.

Use the QR-code shown on the print version of each press release to get redirected to the corresponding page on PresseBox with your smartphone without typing the URL manually. But they in turn do not make the backward connection to MS.