This allows following up on moving objects, for example. Privacy mask settings for detection tools are not preserved when upgrading from Axxon Next 3. There are three different choices for activation of Axxon Next: The transparency, size, position, and tilt of the video thumbnail can be configured. There search for 2N IP Intercom that you need Composer show you some informations about device after hold your mouse on it and add device to project by double click on it.

axxon next 3.1.0

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When a query is selected in the list, all of its settings are loaded.

Axxon Next Release Notes What’s new in Axxon Next |

Selecting dates when browsing recorded video The dialog box for specifying dates and times for recorded video has been redesigned. By then switching to forensic search mode, users can edit and save the search query.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. When a face is captured in the FoV, this is logged by the system as triggering of the facial recognition embedded in the camera.

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Support for face detection on Sony G6 IP cameras Support has been implemented for the on-board face detection axxn of sixth-generation Sony cameras. If motion stops or the object moves out of the camera’s FoV, zoom returns to the original value.

As a result some of the cells are moved off the screen. Query logic is now more intuitive and convenient. Information boards are a quick, visual way of monitoring two types of information: There are three different choices for activation of Axxon Next: This is related to a change in the format of mask settings as of version 3.


Please note that the computer running the browser will need to be on the same local network as the intercom. Changes to layout resizing Resizing of viewing tiles has been completely changed: And double click on Arrow Icon above commands to add this command.

axxon next 3.1.0

Comments are displayed during archive viewing, in the system log, in tooltips for the comment line in the list of events and for comment icons on the timeline, when searching the archive by 3.10., and during video playback. This allows following up on moving objects, for example. Software suite for retail security.

axxon next 3.1.0

If a detection tool needs only a low-quality stream, switching from a high–resolution, high-fps stream can reduce the load on aaxxon server. Thanks to this, it nwxt possible to search the archive for face detection events using events search and to outline a face during Live Video and Archive modes. Tabs can now be rearranged by drag-and-drop, just like tabs in a web browser. In Section Agents click on “Add The transparency, size, position, and tilt of the video thumbnail can be configured.

It can now be accessed by clicking a position on the vertical timeline. The map is downloaded from the Internet during configuration, the user selects the necessary area and scale, and these settings are saved for azxon use. To communicate over SIP, the Communication agent must be added first. Do you need a help? Users can click a tab to view the corresponding search results.


Axson of queries for MomentQuest2 forensic search of recorded video MomentQuest2 search queries can now be saved and named. Query names, which are chosen in the query settings, also serve as a filter for saved queries.

axxon next 3.1.0

If the characters entered match the names of saved queries, a list of these names is displayed. The Axxon Smart software package.

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At the end choose again Actions on Door Lock and add Lock the door and add to the script by doublick click on green arrow. The current map position and scale are saved every time the user switches layouts, so users always return to where they were before switching out. Search is initiated by selecting a main criterion line crossing, search in area, or movement from area to area and then selecting one or more additional subcriteria size, color, speed, direction of movement, number of objects, and duration of action.

Installation and licensing The Axxon Next installer includes both the server and client components. It is also possible to mark the point or area in the frame that is relevant to the comment.