This example is written as it is to demonstrate how to handle a more complex scenario, where you might have several widgets that would need to be cached via the holder pattern. One is set up to allow for data entry of a date android: A LinearLayout split among three Buttons by percentage All Things Are Relative RelativeLayout, as the name suggests, lays out widgets based upon their relationship to other widgets in the container and the parent container. If you want a form with labels on the left and fields on the right, you will need a container. In addition, words given a top rating are put in all caps: Android has quite a few systems for letting you alert your users outside the bounds of an Activity-based UI.

busy coders guide to android development pdf

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Android treats the tab buttons and contents as discrete entities, so we will call them “tab buttons” and “tab contents” in this section. Unfortunately, you can no longer use layout XML andrkid this, since the XML does not know about any fonts you may have tucked away as an application asset.

The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development, version – PDF Free Download

Groups contain children; children are “leaves” of the tree. You can find out when new releases of this book are available via: Since Button is an Android-supplied widget, we can just use the bare class name.

When creating a project, you will be able to tell Android the minimum and maximum Developmenr levels your application supports. More likely, though, it will be bad due to battery usage — every bit of CPU that is used eats up the battery.


The Busy Coder’s Guide To Android Development

And, of course, Android’s international deployment means your font must handle any language your users might be looking to enter, perhaps through a language-specific input gujde editor.

You can use that to determine which menu to build, assuming your activity has more than one.

A SlidingDrawer, closed And here it is open, showing its contents: ContextMenuInfo, which tells you which item in the list the user did the tap-and-hold over, in case you want to customize the context menu based on that information. A listener to be invoked when the drawer is closed 3.

The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development by Mark L. Murphy – PDF Drive

Example With all that anndroid mind, let’s examine a typical “form” with a field, a label, plus a pair of buttons labeled “OK” and “Cancel”. Then, everywhere else in the manifest file that needs a class name, you can just substitute a leading dot as shorthand for the package.

The number 6 means API level 6, which corresponds to Android 2.

busy coders guide to android development pdf

Hence, any font that you use that you also use the “ellipsizing” feature will need the ellipsis glyph. The choice and group identifiers are keys used to unlock additional menu features, such as: For example, when new releases of the Android SDK are made available, this book andgoid be quickly updated to be accurate with changes in the APIs.

The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development, 3.6 version

However, here are some that you may find more useful: The same application, showing a top-rated word Subscribe to updates at http: The answer depends on what fonts come with the platform, whether you can add other fonts, and how to apply them to the widget or whatever needs the font change. You wind up with different-looking tools, different-behaving frameworks, and “different than you are used to” limitations on what you can do with your program.


Just Another Box to Check The classic checkbox has two states: Orientation Orientation indicates deevlopment the LinearLayout represents a row or a column.

busy coders guide to android development pdf

The three built-in fonts are very nice. A Library of Books. With a Chronometer, you can track elapsed time from a starting point.

busy coders guide to android development pdf

Reviews, Ratings, and Recommendations: You also can carve out a small bit of space on the device itself, for databases or files containing user-entered or retrieved data needed by your application. However, only in recent years have phones capable of Internet access taken off. For example, suppose we have two multi-line fields in a column, and we want them to take up the remaining space in the column after all other widgets have been allocated their space.

Here is what the SlidingDrawer looks like closed, using the supplied handle: When it comes to fancy lists, for example, we will want to inflate Views for each row shown in the list, so we can use the convenient shorthand of the XML layout to describe buay the rows are supposed to look like.

The number of columns are determined by Android; you control the number of columns in an indirect fashion.

The projects are set up to be built by Ant, not by Eclipse.