I didn’t say no. And he asked me to sing on one thing with him. Now more than ever, we need your support to continue supplying Austin with independent, free press. Now stop at that large mass occupying half of South America. Later on, I began to understand the power of mass music and of the international pop scene and became interested in that. Eclipse Oculto Caetano Veloso. Got opinions about bands, clubs, performers, and everything else good in Austin?


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It’s worth it for Veloso completists or those who, somehow, are attempting to approach Brazilian pop from a treacly jazz-pop standpoint.

Inthe Brazilian political situation was explosive, especially for the likes of artists like Veloso, who was arrested and imprisoned for several months before fleeing to London, where he remained for nearly three years.

Eclipse Oculto Caetano Veloso. Perhaps a more detailed picture of Caetano Veloso can be drawn, caetano-izingly, by listing a litany of qualities one might attribute to his music: Seminal modern rock cornerstones like Beck, Stereolab, and Tortoise all admit the influence of these revolutionary ideas proposed 30 years ago.


In a country where a simple conversation can have the lyricism, drama, and rhythm cwetanear a song, where hundreds of samba drums drive the passion meter into the red at every soccer game, where sometimes not even the sunrise can halt a night of sweaty, up-close, and personal dancing, it should come as no surprise that music and musicians exert a tremendous amount of influence.


Nearly 30 years later, Veloso’s accomplishments include authoring several books, a string of hits written specifically for others, and much music for stage and film, including a recent remake of Black Orpheus called Orfeo. It’s fitting that Veloso, a man dedicated to the artful, creative, and sometimes difficult use of the Portuguese, nay, Brazilian language, should be canonized in this way.

Caetanear – Caetano Veloso | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Caetaenar on his way to Austin as part of a nine-city U. Okay, let’s go find one. Now more than ever, we need your support to continue supplying Austin with independent, free press. But in my case, I always thought this comprehension was necessary.

Vamos Caetanear

Let your voice be heard in our annual Best of Austin ballot. Sexy Trippy All Moods. No less than The New York Times dubbed him “one of the greatest songwriters of the century. But, as those experienced with his music understand, this is often part and parcel of many of his recordings, particularly the ones originating in his caettanear country.

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He was telling stories about singing this song or that. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Tempo de Estio Caetano Veloso. I didn’t say no. Jazz Latin New Age. Before the caeyanear is even finished, Veloso’s reply comes tumbling out.


AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Not insignificantly, his music xaetanear fresh, always interesting. Now people are accepting it, and I don’t know why. Derived from the name of Brazilian pop icon Caetano Veloso, “Caetanear,” meaning to Caetano-ize — to make or do in a Caetanean fashion — is a commonly used word in the singer’s native country.

Caetano Veloso – Caetanear | | Music

For many listeners, the saccharine string and pop arrangements will make some of the pieces difficult to bear, Veloso ‘s incredible voice and his heart-rending melodies all but buried under layers of gooey pap. And even that has changed recently.


He’s too busy setting the standard to follow one. Enough so the name of one native musician has become a verb on the tip of million Brazilian tongues. Come on, name one.

The preproduction meetings were very mysterious to me, more like poetry than production talk. Oh yes, I would add the word ‘cinema’ too.


Beleza Pura Caetano Veloso. In a way, it’s a tightly knit summation of his 35 years in the spotlight.