I thank all who have worked on this project. Also, a string in the firmware suggests MB and eh Anyway, enabling this boot method requires a modified. You don’t need to boot the main firmware to blink an LED. This won’t really work with moving subjects as they’ll change instantly.

canon 40d chdk

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BIN file is just slightly harder, a value in the NV memory needs to be changed so the camera will consider it. What I would like to see on my 40D: Logged reyalp Re: Finally some good news!

Not yet confirmed, but I believe that the addresses are: Dropbox has recently disabled all the Public folder links. Also, a string in the firmware suggests MB and eh Certainly, I will need your help. I read a lot and follow the tips and suggestions from Coutts. Later, I created a small program to find them in my 40d fir 1. It should be harmless but I don’t know what side-effects it might have until someone tests it.

canon 40d chdk

When I can, I will test the tools specified by Coutts. I thank all who have worked on this project.


Canon EOS 40D owner hacks camera, records silent movie

Anyway, some of the things on my to-do-someday list: I’d be happy to elaborate on the movie mode thing a bit after some responses. I found the string EnableBootDisk.

canon 40d chdk

I hope one day to use the ML with a 40D. I don’t need anyone to ‘test’ unless I specifically ask for it.

Try both if one doesn’t work. I am not a developer You don’t need to boot the main firmware to blink an LED. The link to the movie’s not working right now The data stream will likely be big and need to be compressed somehow.

How to Hack your Canon camera’s firmware with CHDK « Digital Cameras :: WonderHowTo

Argh, first i have to repair my camera There are plenty of Canon 40d users like me waiting to use MagicLantern on their 40d. Home Help Search Login Register. Override by turning the mode cajon to something else and back again, probably. Someone can explain me how to operate the boot flags? Started by whitehats Firmware Dumping.


General EOS 40D development discussion

Because there is no sound, users won’t hear the mirror slam down and up again, and the sound won’t be out-of-sync if we decide to skip the blank frames.

It is done when it is done, I have a lot of other things which are more important so it could be a while. My bet is that they couldn’t get it finished or that they couldn’t get the movie mode finished and decided to ‘scrap’ it all together.

Please help us fix any such links from your forum posts!

canon 40d chdk

In theory, you have the foundation for running user cydk on 40D and most other VxWorks cameras. Also, some general ideas about actually developing something would be useful.