Already known for making loads of money, Morrisson also presents his success outside music in his music videos by showing his money, cars, jewels etc. Alongside his 3 albums Giggs released a series of mixtapes. A music video is a video associated pop song which is a short video or film made to accompany a song or piece of popular music, often as a cinematic or dramatic clarification of it. This relates to the video because the low lighting used in the room is to help see the projector with videos on it be presented and be seen easier. This question accounts for everything due to the fact that we do not want to create a music video no one is going to enjoy.

cashtastic fire in the booth

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Do you think that music videos are important in promoting artists. However, it could be argued that this subverts the idea of a rap video. Describe below what makes a good music video?

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In the music video not many editing aspects are used. Troyskitchen cashtasticmusic cashtastic caribbeanfood southlondon intent2 Peckham sundaydinner. The dissolves are used at various times. The reason why this may relate to the video is because it might show how fast everything has happened for the young rapper.

The first time the dissolves where used was when Biggie gets caught selling drugs and get puts in to the police car. Example of one of the first rap music videos.

The reason why I asked this question was because I will be creating my own music video for my production and I needed to know how many people enjoy watching music videos which will help me out when carrying out my own music video.


Towards the middle of the music video we see Biggie with lots of people, most likely to be his friends in a very fancy house with lots of girls jumping in to the swimming pool.

cashtastic fire in the booth

The music video starts off with Biggie in the corner of the street handing over something to a male, going along with the video this something is highly likely to be drugs.

This was the first cashyastic in which a composer had appeared in the film in which their song was pieced with. Nathaniel Thompson born May 11, better known by his stage name Giggs, is an Cashtzstic rapper with Caribbean roots. The second question I used to ask in my questionnaire was: This shows the idea of where he started from and where he went up to.

The most popular genre from the results I received was Hip-Hop with a massive Stephen Caahtastic is a 25 year old UK rapper from Newham and is mainly known byhis stage name Morrisson. This in its simplest form, according to the definition, was the first ever music video known of. This relates to the video because we can see how much music has helped them, and in this case by helping them to create caahtastic have their own clothing line.

Lemme know if any of you North Carolinians need some tickets!?

For example, the low angle is a good idea to use because it shows that everything is about the main character. These early day music videos however were not accessed as easily as we access them today. Another aspect of cinematography being used in the music video is a long shot.


Cashtastic – Fire In The Booth

We also see him wearing sun glasses which he never wore in the shots before he got teh, this may show that the glasses were expensive and now that he is able to afford them he has them. Is there anything you don’t like to see in music videos? From the results I have received I am going to choose a few specific ones and include them in to my music video.

Alongside his 3 albums Giggs released a series of mixtapes. Shower MalikCashtasticShaqavelly ,Y.

cashtastic fire in the booth

This relates to the video because at the end of the video we see Biggie holding his daughter and we can see her earring. Curry bill sorted cashtastic 2 12 Normal. One aspect of mise-en-scene used in the clip is costume and props.

Cashtastic – Fire In The Booth

Morrisson has been active since when he released his first music video on YouTube. What questions casgtastic you ask and why?

Cashtastic is relaxed throughout the entire video, there is hardly any movement going on apart cashtastjc him moving his hands, he is mostly seated in a burgundy comfortable looking chair and this continuous throughout the video. What happens in the video relates to what lyrics Cashtastic says. Scopitones are basically jukeboxes with a small screen on in which the moving image is displayed for a small fee.