In the following year, the work had screenings at film festivals in other regions, including Italy, the United States, Japan, and Hong Kong. We welcome your continued support and interest. There is no separate membership fee. Once people are gathered, a book compiling the interviews will be published. Pusan International Film Festival , n. Chingusai is engaged in diverse activities for the human rights and liberation of sexual minorities.


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Sometime after the event, Seok-i is shown working at a restaurant when he is encountered by Min-soo, who is on leave again. International Journal of Communication. Chingusai started their official activities by publishing a newsletter on February 7,and organizing a seminar on homosexuality soon after on April 3.

To accomplish these goals, the group has continuously endeavored since its foundation to ensure the human rights of gay people and to create a society without discrimination against sexual minorities.

People- Salzburg Global Seminar

This particular date was chosen as a commemoration of the Stonewall riots [2] One of their first regular activities was to organize every summer startinga three-day “Summer Human Rights Camp”. The next day, after Min-soo’s mother leaves for church, chinguswi couple become physically intimate chihgusai in their room.

I was really lucky in the sense that I had a lot of good friends who were there for me. Seok-i decides to stay with Min-soo and his mother at an inn when he realizes there is no way for him to get back home. Hitel, Chollian or Nawnuri.



Support Chingusai is managed with membership fees, volunteer service, and financial support. There is no separate membership fee. Internet members, who join the group through its homepage, amount to some 5, Also prior to its theatrical release, it screened at the 35th Seoul Independent Film Festival on December 11 of that year. InChingusai started the “Coming Out Interview Series” in which members would come out through an interview uploaded on the group website [2]. Those BBS were hosted on the major internet servers at that time e.

Chingusai is managed with membership fees, volunteer service, and financial support. As a successor of Chodong-hoe, the first homosexual activist group ever to be organized in the countryit is one of the oldest sexual minority rights organizations throughout the nation.

Retrieved from ” https: They made able for people to communicate instantly and anonymously, in opposition to Chingusai that was more focusing on offline meetings.

They can actively prepare all events sponsored or organized by Chingusai.

Once people are gathered, a book compiling the interviews will be published. In addition, numerous sexual minorities encounter Chingusai through everyday counseling as well as diverse activities and events.


Kim also stated that after completing his short, Boy Meets Boywhich focuses on a first-time romantic encounter, he wanted to create a successor involving more mature themes. Generation Blue Films [1]. Then there is a short confession song by Min-soo for his mother, telling her that he is gay and that he will continue to love Seok-i. If Hong Seok-cheon is famous for being one of the first celebrity to come out [10]the activists of Chingusai were actually chingusal first to come out in the mainstream media [2].


Just Friends? ( film) – Wikipedia

Chingusai is actively, proudly, and happily progressing toward the liberation of sexual minorities. Views Read Edit View history. Pusan International Film Festivaln. Full members have an obligation to participate in Chingusai’s monthly meetings held in the last week each month and to pay the membership fee 10, won.

Jong Geol Lee

Korean Confederation of Trade UnionsApr. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It was introduced by the gay activist Seo Dong-jina cultural critic who was the first person to make his coming-out publicly. If Chingusai would usually change their focus every year in reaction to the different events, they decided in to settle three main values that would define the three central directions of their plans.

It is the second installment in a series of gay -themed short films directed by Kim, following the film Boy Meets Boy.