Star News; rough translation by Miseremei. The album ranked No. Hei Hankyung in Korean. However, he was able to recover with the help of fellow singer and label-mate Gummy , who had been previously diagnosed with the illness, and the two became close because of this situation. Daesung was born in Itaewon and attended high school at Kyeongin High School , but he dropped out after a year to focus on his activities with Big Bang. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can feel the his breathing and the story of each song is portrayed vividly in its organized manner.

daesung dslove album

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daesung dslove album

During recording, I imagine I am having a conversation with everyone. Retrieved March 11, You can feel the his breathing and the story of each song is portrayed vividly in its organized manner. Oricon News in Japanese.

daesung dslove album

There were initially temporary lyrics to the melody, but they were already very good so I tried not to break those lines and added my lines that Daeeung imagined.

The album topped Japan’s iTunes charts. Views Read Edit View history.

Retrieved June 30, Daesung, who was in the passenger seat, broke his nose, injured his back, and sustained minor bruises on his face and arms. Retrieved August 4, Archived from the original on July 21, Billboard Japan in Japanese.


BIGBANG’s Daesung Excites Fans with Release of Album Covers for “D’slove”

SeoulSouth Korea. Tops Rslove Oricon chart”. Rock that I can enjoy while singing. The listeners will probably reflect those characters in his songs with themselves, bringing the overflowing emotions.

Daesung at the premiere of Big Bang Made on June 28, A total of 88, fans are expected to attended. Retrieved October 24, Daesung released his second Japanese album, D’slove on July My throat is weak, but my songs are all in high key, and I also have to sing for a long time while watching my pronunciation so it is very tough.

D’slove – Wikipedia

On July 25,a news outlet Channel A reported that a building in Gangnamthat Daesung purchased in before his military enlistment, have been operating illegal entertainment business including arranging prostitution. The album will contain 10 songs including these four and all of them are sung in Japanese.

Daesung fully recovered and made his return to Big Bang in Octoberjoining the group to perform at the Dream Concert. Retrieved July 14, PTaeyangSeungriand So-1 Hyunseung.


[Trans] Daesung talks about his new Japanese album ‘D’sLove’

I still watch their live performances and get inspired. Retrieved December 8, The Chosun Ilbo in Korean. You are able to see his future as a solo artist.

On the same day, he released a mini digital album Rainy Rainy containing 4 songs to celebrate the start of his tour. Rainy Rainy and Dress were exclusively made in Japan.

daesung dslove album

The tour attractedfans to the two cities. As for the last cover album, I had pressures because there were already the initial memories of the people on the original songs, and I had to put my own understanding of the songs. I was listening to trot music because of my parents, but rock was something I liked to discover listening to English artists, and I really got albbum them as I watched the live performances.

He was also scheduled to join bandmate Dskove in the autobiographical musical Shouting.