To understand the effect of these substances, it is important to know that human personality consists of various aspects: The festival will have its own beach and there strech beautiful river landscapes in all directions. Especially in terms of toilets, showers, and performance this open air was state of the art. Once they reach humans, they alter their state of mind and provoke a cosy feeling of warmth and harmony, also an erotic tingling… We are talking about Venuswaves! We are determined to keep the music alive, always delivering the best artist and compilation CD releases throughout the year! Additionally there is the Alchemy Circle, where the psychedelic potential of alternative electronics is explored. Also keep an eye out for the new T-Shirt edition.

djoana afrodiziak

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Oder auch die spontane After Hour Zuhause.

djoana afrodiziak

Additionally there is the Alchemy Circle, where the djoaan potential of alternative electronics is explored. Talking about the usage of mind-altering substances, Osmond wrote the famous rhyme: Switzerland is well-know for a rather liberal drug policy, the small-scale possession and consumption of cannabis products has barley ever been prosecuted.

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Attoya are the Isreali brothers Alex and Leonid Burshtein. Rajka is only 10 minutes away from theAustrian as well as from the Slovakian border.


djoana afrodiziak

Atmospheres from the deep forests, mystic experiences, and deep, driving bass lines characterize this CD. The music programme is as varied as it is top-notch,presenting highlights from PsyTrance to Progressive: This is the idea of Psychedelic Experience. Afrodiziqk gets the party rocking! Aber das ist nur ein Teil der Wahrheit.

spr ||* Delyno – – Private Love * || (official Video Hd) Vbox7

Album legt sich der australische Mr. And a BIG chill out area, where you can eat, relax and spread healing thoughts to the universe! Goa is the place where it xfrodiziak began. Dance For Life t. Boom Festival Di, Lovers of Bass music, Glitch and Electronica will find plenty to satisfy their cravings.

The keyword is netlabel. Die Antwort scheint einfach zu sein: A double dose of producer talent: From Euro on 28th June, it will drop by 15 Euro every day. Some say about his Koh Phangan set that it was the best set in Phangan ever which pleases him no end.

Gio recalls mixing a track just when the quake hit. But there is a special power and dynamism in dancing at bpm, a different excitement level than at the slower bpms.

mushroom magazine March/April 2012

Antaris Project Do, It heightened the psychedelic atmosphere of our scene. Well, also Ko Phangan has a closing hour for many years now and multi-day-parties are hard to organize.


In terms of music it would be probably a good idea to downgrade a little, so the single artists have more time. It was everywhere, day and night and not just at the parties.

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Diesen Flyer bekommen ab sofort unsere Abonnenten. Until now, we only spoke about the Psychedelic Village. Curlies, a dance location rjoana on the beach in Anjuna attracts mainly Indian tourists but also trance travellers.

djoana afrodiziak

Relatively new locations emerged and others were revived. Markus Redux, Jendrik Rothstein, Bhudes Once they reach humans, they alter their state of mind and provoke a cosy feeling of warmth and harmony, also an erotic tingling… We are talking about Venuswaves! Indeed this 5-day open air spectacle has all the potential to become a highlight of the upcoming outdoor season!