For webinterface different styles are available. Failbancount is thus a relaxation of rules! The time now is Betacrypt definition in oscam. I have been able to connect both dreambox’s on either side up to the internet so that is all sorted. Messages will be sent to this port. You may have to manually start oscam:

dm7000 oscam

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Important for example for dbox2 [1]if the error messages ” relocation error: Otherwise no logs are created and no errors are reported.


The file name contains the date, service ID and service name, e. Diese Seite in anderen Sprachen – This page in other languages – Cette page dans d’autres langues – Queste pagine in altre Lingue. Values between 20 and are possible.

dm7000 oscam

This is the configuration I use in syslog-ng. To see the current CSS styles use the url: Real CI modules also drops this cws, so oscam is more working like a read cw.


If set remote syslog server will be activated. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

OSCam/CCcam for Pli on Enigma1

Time to hide clients in the monitor if not sending requests. Failbancount is thus a relaxation of rules! This is especially important for server with only a small amount of memory dbox2. Originally Posted by fm7000.

OSCam/CCcam for Pli on Enigma1 – [EN] Enduser support – Forums

For broadcast to all use FFFF. The path is relative to the work directory and must exist. Oscam cannot address more then 64 services Attached Files. Messages will be sent to this IPv4 address. The best part is on the server side.

dm7000 oscam

Setting a path for emm-log. The CW log file can be used for delayed decoding of this channel. So both channel name and provider name are retrieved. If not set port is used as default. If this parameter is enables, then a new column is added to the USERS tab which display the picons of the last watched channels by active users. This should run from console and show you what it is doing.


Originally Posted by LeroyPatrol. If they are missing ore corrupted a message Forbidden appears and the connection is aborted! Results 1 to 20 of Add some tooltip explanation to usertable headline r Admin CCcam does a good job and easier to set-up.

Dn7000, it supports the syslog protocol, so I collect its logs on my server! The time now is Please consider memory consumption! Meine Werkzeuge Anmelden Benutzerkonto beantragen. For webinterface different styles are available.