Author tried to give narration through Nicholas ballantyne eyes. That might got added to my book review.. How to Read Signs: Ruler of the World. By doing this author has succeeded well in narration.

empire of the moghul the serpents tooth pdf

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By the time Aurangzeb came to power following a bloody and long military coup, Shah Mpghul had lost his empire and his family. The construction of this magnificent tomb and the fuss around it take up a good part of the story.

PDF Book Empire of the Moghul: The Serpent’s Tooth

Since the time my friend introduced me to Alex Rutherford a few years go, I’ve been a fan, a big fan. The emperor Shah Jahan was a huge disappointm Overall this book was great. The author does a stellar job in portraying the stark contrast to this extravagance as Shah Jahan mounts his scorching campaign across the lengths and breadths of Deccan and other areas in order to recapture his lost hold.

Sep 18, Aniruddha Das rated it liked it. Waiting for slight weakness.

empire of the moghul the serpents tooth pdf

I had a hard time finishing this – it was uncomfortable reading for me. It wont let you down in any way. Badshah-sized ambitions underscored by king-sized treachery and greed Not for nothing the Bengali Noble Laureate poet imagines the Empirf Mahal as a teardrop on the cheek of time.

For those who want to know Shah Jahan the Man, Shah Jahan the Emperor who led campaigns from the front, Shah Jahan the Father, Shah Jahan and his political follies, and many other things — this is the book to read.


Feb 26, Supriya Ramacha rated it really liked it. Empire of the Moghul 6 books. This book shows thw love, betrayal, treachery and hungry toith power. Ever since the Moghuls took India, brother has fought brother and sons their fathers for the prize and Shah Jahan has been no exception.

The Serpent’s Tooth (Empire of the Moghul, #5) by Alex Rutherford

History of India would surely have been very different. Mumtaz had died early, at least in terms of modern era, but if she had been alive thing might have been different.

Alex Rutherford has nailed this one to perfection.

It is indeed engaging to read the description of how the humongous monument came into light and how it ended up as a resting place for the great ruler and his wife.

In this book the author writes of this period, the wife who dies, the Great Mogul ruler who was a warrior who led from the front in his many conquests, the designing and building of the great monument of love to his departed wife and then moguul betrayal of his sons! The new Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan reigns over a colossally wealthy empire of srpents souls.

I wait with baited breath… A bit more detail into why they hate each other so much would have helped provide seepents good counterpoint to the emperor’s conviction that blood brothers should live in harmony.

The Serpent’s Tooth

We are looking for perceptive readers who can write well, and we are eager to provide lots of free books in exchange for reviews. The Moghul emperors are still bloodthirsty and entirely ruthless; they control a quarter of the world’s population and have wealth beyond imagining.


empire of the moghul the serpents tooth pdf

This the emperor thought would make it impossible for the jealousy and rebellious to continue as they had with previous Emperors. What if Mumtaz did not die at childbirth at the age of thirty eight? It’s a wonderful read for history fanatics and especially those have special affinity for the Moghul era.

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The writing is as compelling as the events described and kept me eagerly leaping from one page to the next’ ‘Rutherford’s glorious, broad-sweeping adventure in the wild lands of the Moghul sees the start of a wonderful series From the time he loses his wife Mumtaz, the emperor is obsessed with building a memorial for her which finally took form as the splendid Taj Mahal.

I forgot their names The author has written about the then time in a particular manner and that keeps you hooked until the end.

empire of the moghul the serpents tooth pdf

The S By Alex Rutherford. His overwhelming grief isolates him from his sons and he does not see the rivalries, indeed hatreds, building between them. Aug 05, Shilpi Saha rated it liked it. What Does Being Jewish Mean: