JamieTwort August 5th Comments. The actual instrumentation could not be fully confirmed at this moment Releases information Artwork: You have to be logged in to post a comment. Okay, time to put the computer down. See the latest updates.

euporie tide

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euporie tide

The actual instrumentation could not be tidee confirmed at this moment. Forum and radio stream. Sky is blue and sun expected to rise in east.

euporie tide

I probably said the same thing last year. Might try to work more of that into my life. It does settle back but then kicks back in a minute later. You can hear it – very clearly, even – on most of the tracks here.

CAUSA SUI Euporie Tide reviews

It’s truly the perfect ending for such a dynamic record. Happy to see people on Sputnik digging this kind of stuff. You have to be logged in to post a comment. TrueBlood August 5th Comments. The complete, 65 minute journey duporie was reportedly developed over the past three years, further solidifies the band’s leading position in the psychedelic stoner field.



Bat For Lashes Lost Girls. Ride the abundance tide.

euporie tide

It’s not very far from SS vol. I was taken aback when I eulorie heard the first song “Homage” as I wasn’t expecting something so heavy. It’s amazing, grab it.

FRIDAY FULL-LENGTH: Causa Sui, Euporie Tide

I read that Samsara’s cover was inspired from some painting, so Causa Sui might have done the same. Sota El Cel 1: Tweet Recent reviews by this author. They keep the pieces together, thus allowing the rest of the instruments involved to freely roam.

Just now I was watching a surgery.

I like their heavyness and their ambling swing but I find the music too monotonous and amateurish. I love when it settles down before 5 minutes, beautiful. A laid back and drifting track with percussion, guitar and keys standing out as it changes slightly along the way.

Plow, depending on how the mood strikes. A very expansive, yet accessible record for anyone, even newcomers to the genre, Euporie Tide is an essential release.


Wow, so it did happen. It does settle back but not for long as contrasts continue.

So hey, next week ishuh? Catatonic August 6th Comments. Causa Fuporie Summer Sessions, Vol. The mellow side offers some gorgeous moments too, that include the closing track, ‘Eternal Flow’, where Kahr steps out of the usual loop to play some soft bass leads, while the clean, eerie guitar licks behind it create a lush atmosphere. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. August 5th Comments.