These additional two drive-side mini-hubs are required when attaching more than eight EXPs to the FAStT, but the company recommends always using all drive-side loops for maximum performance. On the host side, the two additional mini-hubs four total give the FAStT up to eight host ports, so that up to four hosts with redundant connections can be attached. Sun’s warranty on the StorEdge products varies by series. The base unit supports up to 14 disk drives 2TB of raw capacity which can be scaled up to 56 disk drives 8. The Enterprise Storage Server and are covered in separate reports. Includes controllers, disk drives, fans and power supplies.

fastt600 storage manager

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It is a 3U rack-mount expansion unit with 1Gb Fibre Channel interface. The Disk Farm has a total of 42 physical hard drives. It features two host ports syorage controller for a total of four host ports per system. The customers must upgrade their services to StorEdge or StorEdge level to obtain full phone-home support. Each of the FAStT models is a separate and distinct product.

The reader assumes sole responsibility for the selection of these materials to achieve its intended results. Each company offers multiple models to meet various capacity, performance and reliability needs. These supplemental power supplies are both redundant and hot swappable and will automatically recharge themselves when the power is restored.


IBM TotalStorage FAStT600 Storage Server – storage enclosure Series Specs

Fiber Switches directly attached to the pSeries and Disk Farm a. The error log of FastT Some of the logical drives are used for storing DB2 files, others are simple file systems.

The EVA was new as of April and supports up stodage 8. As the specification chart below shows, the D still supports mxnager. That copy can then be backed up to tape or used for a variety of other purposes, such as data mining or testing new applications on a copy of production data.

AIX Forum Log in to participate. The second year is a day parts exchange. Both offer 1Gb-Fibre Channel connectivity to host and disk, and both support redundant disks, fans and power supplies.

fastt600 storage manager

The FAStT comes with full support for 64 storage partitions in its base configuration with no ability to expand beyond that. The FAStT ships with version 8. In loop environments, it can faatt600 support four host connections standard two host connections in switch environments and a redundant Fibre Channel loop pair standard on the drive side. It requires Storage Manager version 8.

The FAStT models currently ship with version 8.

VolumeCopy, also a chargeable option, was introduced to the FAStT line with the September enhancements and provides the ability to make a full-volume copy from a point-in-time logical drive copy FlashCopy. Drive space large enough to hold the entire source volume must be defined dastt600 advance.


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IBM TotalStorage FAStT Storage Server – storage enclosure Series Specs – CNET

EXP expansion units can also be used with the FAStT though the Fibre Channel will operate at 1Gb on the disk side in this configuration, and therefore it is not recommendedproviding up to This allows them to allocate or reallocate dynamically between hosts and application LUNs of any virtualized RAID set type, assuming the operating system and application do not require operator intervention. With eight storage partitions, the FAStT supports up to logical volumes.

The Enterprise Storage Server and are covered in separate reports. This enables improved backup performance and speeds recovery without impacting performance from database corruption. All of the FAStT arrays support battery backed-up cache.

Feed for this topic. For the first year, that service is on-site. The FastT is the storage head unit which also contains disk drives.

fastt600 storage manager

All of the competing products in our lineup come with two-year warranties standard, but the StorEdge only has fatst600 year on-site with a second business day response. The third processor is an interrupt handler.