In this way developers can automate testing of portions of an application even before the UI design is fully finalized. It should be noted that Webmetrics also offers the capability for monitoring Silverlight and Flash with the Visual Monitoring service. You are commenting using your Google account. We embrace Flex because it enables us to do things we cannot do otherwise, and do them quickly. After flexmonkium icon is appeared in selenium IDE,i click that icon. We’ve also simplified the setup for FlexMonkey 4, so it’s easier for new users to get up and running quickly.

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Thanks you Aaron for your reply. If anybody has already worked on it then please tell me the solution to this issue I am able to record and playback the sample application which was developed in Flex using IDE. Some of flex objects get the automationname from labels property e. I badly need this. You are commenting using your WordPress. On any given project, we don’t ask if we should use Flex, we ask if there is any reason why we can’t.

We recently completed development and are now doing final flexmonnkium and documentation.


FlexMonkey 4 and FlexMonkium for Selenium

Hi smitha, I go through the link which u given. More on the compilation here: What are the new features in Selenium 3. Having said that, we are a consulting company that builds serious enterprise software. However, one of the things that makes FlexMonkey so powerful is that it records “semantic” events such as “open combobox” rather than “click at this screen coordinate”.

The generated code can be extended to create complex, data-driven test scenarios, and can be easily run within build and continuous integration environments.

Posted by porchowski at 8: Net it has occurred to be the best tool on market, flexmpnkium yes this is open source GNU license. This becomes your application to test. Fri Apr 12, 3: DZone ‘s Guide to. The value is same in the source code and the recorded code. So FlexMonkey needs to “understand” every Flex component, and we had to tell clexmonkium some new things about the new Spark components and their events. Hi Sabya, Please go through this link http: The post treats about configuration setup for flex 3.

Prerequisites In order to enable selenium interaction with Flex, you will have to compile your Flex objects with the FlexMonkey libraries.

[selenium-users] Flexmonkium installation – ubuntu – Grokbase

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here What were some of the difficulties in implementing support for all of Flex 4’s Spark components? X corresponds to your Flex SDK version. This site uses cookies. Although we designed it for developer testing, it’s ability to record tests automatically, add verification logic by pointing and clicking, and do fuzzy bitmap comparisons on select portions of the screen, make FlexMonkey highly effective for QA testing purposes as well.


I take back everything I said. Gorilla Logic created FlexMonkey — a test automation tool for Flex. If installed properly, a small black icon should appear on restarting firefox and opening the selenium IDE as indicated in the picture below. You may think about this blog as consoke practical guide hope so to help you with your test automation and make your life much easier.

Could you perhaps tell me where I could find this additional download or provide the link here. In that i gave flexmonkium console.