The film Two-Lane Blacktop. He complies, and just as Sal and the others in the 3-D world begin to cremate the remains, the remains themselves become the normal Bessie and her normal passengers. As Farnsworth counts to three to start the race, he banks his ship left and right to unload the piles of scrap he has been inexplicably carrying, revealing that he has indeed converted Bessie into a hot-rod. Edit Storyline After Planet Express ship is scrapped, professor saves it from the junkyard and rebuilds it into a super racer. Choose whatever two-dimensional foods you like. Bonneville Salt Flatlands Flatbush Debut: On 14 December , geek blog Geekologie posted a picture of the episode’s production script to their Facebook page.

futurama 2d blacktop

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2-D Blacktop

Thingly Wiggly Tokyo mentioned in speech only. The Professor explains how the digestive system works in the 2-D dimension.

Fry is standing between the two ships as they collide, compressing to near-flatness in a neat disc shape. Although I did get a good laugh out of Speed Racer’s dramatic reaction to watching the Mach 5 get incinerated. He dismisses her concerns, and the ship barely clears the hangar futuama crashing.


As they race on a looped track, Farnsworth again uses his dimensional drift device to attempt to win. Audible Download Audio Books. Add the first question. What’s the matter compressor? Release Date March 25, That futuramaa, Farnsworth and the others have returned to the 3-D world. Sal tows Bessie away and Farnsworth breaks into the scrapyard and declares that he will convert the ship into a hot-rod using the spare parts lying around the scrapyard.

They could be connected in loops, bent into swirls, etc.

Futurama S07E14 2 D Blacktop

Professor Farnsworth joins a gang of street-racing punks. Almost like someone was blackmailed to put this into production. Elisha Cuthbert reveals a show she can’t miss, the greatest 2r movie ever, and the film she’s seen the more than any other. He declares that he will convert the ship into a hot-rod using the spare parts lying around the scrapyard.

futurama 2d blacktop

Futurama News pre-season 7 “. Countdown to Futurama Please add more content or information.

Futurama S07E14 2 D Blacktop – Dailymotion Video

As a two-dimensional but otherwise healthy Farnsworth conjectures, “It seems that colliding at relativistic speed has collapsed us down into two dimensions! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. During her return from these errands to headquarters, Farnsworth pulls alongside her in his hot-rod and tells her that she is not cool. This whole episode was just strange and unusual. He dismisses her concerns, and she attempts to make the delivery. On 5 FebruaryVulture.


Futurama S07E14 2 D Blacktop – video dailymotion

Leela argues with Farnsworth over the tradeoff between speed and safety, suggesting that he install seat belts instead. Big Boy Karate Debut: The Professor’s storyline also wasn’t helped by a run-in 2dd a gang of stereotypical drag racers, especially the one with “non-verbal abuse” problems an odd and not very funny recurring bit. At the feast, when Farnsworth attempts to explain three-dimensionality to the King of Flatbush, the King becomes angry and orders Farnsworth to be executed.

futurama 2d blacktop

Views Read View source History. The next morning, Farnsworth flies away from the scrapyard in Bessie, now a nearly unrecognizable junk heap. I suppose that could be an issue.

Season 7 episode Broadcast season 10 episode. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

futurama 2d blacktop

The episode finishes with a mockingly corny and sappy scene: