Detailed description of data modules 7. Pilot pump in auto mode 7: Permanently red and green Error in firmware download. Hope this helps, Daniel Chartier. If influenced, the ActualSetpoint module 29 will differ from the UserSetpoint module

grundfos gsd file

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Flashing green Wink function. Zone pump 4 running 4: Follow us on Twitter Youtube. Emergency run function 2: The data type is 10, non-standard.

PROFIBUS and PROFINET for Grundfos boosters

It is possible to change the IP address settings from the built in web server. Permanently red Product not supported.

Of course, minimally you would need a Controlmodule module 2, Output; study this one very carefully and a Status module module 1, Inputa WarningCode module for alarms, and whatever number of Measurement Data Modules you find necessary to control your process.

TM05 RJ45 plugs and Ethernet cable must be used. Regards, Jay Still in the process of learning and please verify my suggestions before going ahead for Real product implementation.


grundfos gsd file

It is important to connect cable shield to earth through earth clamp or to connect cable shield to earth in the connector. The booster system is started on.

The booster system is running at minimum performance. It is available on internet. S – – Sensor required.

PROFIBUS and PROFINET for Grundfos boosters |

Since the input and output areas of the Y-Link are limited, and there are other devices connected to its master system, I would like to reduce the amount of data exchanged with the CIM. Zone pump 1 running 1: Product Support Services Forum mySupport. Protocol suitable for Internet communication.

Used to configure network devices so that they can communicate on an IP network.

grundfos gsd file

Zone pump 6 present 6: Already realized the connection between S and Profinet IO device. Zone pump 3 present 3: These green LEDs shows whether the ethernet cable is properly connected.

grundfos gsd file

See the table below and section 4. See section Firmware update on page Pilot pump fault 7: Flashing red and green After 20 seconds in this state, the CIM factory grkndfos are restored and the device is restarted. In open-loop control, setpoint is mapped to ProcessFeedback. S – S 8 InletPressure 8 bar Provides the inlet pressure if a pressure sensor is configured and installed at the inlet.


Profibus DP slave load reduction – Entries – Forum – Industry Support – Siemens

Communication fault, zone pump 1 1: Typically “Local Area Connection”. Backup pump in auto mode. OnOff Status bit indicating whether the booster system is started or stopped. Zone pump 5 in auto mode 5: Local buttons on pump, Fipe, Grundfos GO or external digital input. S – – 55 FlowMeasurement3 6 0.