Tony Hancock show to be re-broadcast”, The Guardian , 27 July In one of his suicide notes he wrote: In a few early episodes Hancock owned the house, and later this became the norm. The house changed to accommodate the cast: Hancock himself returned for the fourth episode and completed the series as scheduled. Galton and Simpson never gave titles to any of their Hancock scripts, for radio or television; this was usually left to the girl who filed the scripts at their office, who gave them names that were a reminder of what the script was about. Ray Galton Alan Simpson.

hancocks half hour radio

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hancocks half hour radio

Titlescreen of the series 2 TV episode “The Alpine Holiday”, featuring a diagramatic illustration of the show’s title; the “Hancock” musical motif composed by Wally Stotta cartoon of the tuba player, Tony Hancock reading the script and a broadcast clock showing the start and length of the episode.

Continuity in the idiom was yet hancocjs develop, and details changed to suit each episode. After Main Wilson departed for his television career, his role was taken by Tom Ronald.

The series broke with the variety tradition which was then dominant in British rdaio comedyhighlighting a new genre: Two later videos were released inand another featuring “The Train Journey” was released in All episodes still exist. The whole area is smart and expensive, and by creating ‘Railway Cuttings, East Cheam’ Galton and Simpson created an address for a snob who wanted to live in a ‘posh’ area, but could only afford the ‘cheap end’ which in reality does not exist.

A Life of Blisswritten by Godfrey Harrison and starring George Coleand Life with the Hancocjshzncocks programme heavily based on the US tradition of sitcoms; he therefore dismisses the notion that Galton and Simpson invented the genre. Retrieved from ” https: Hancock’s character was relocated to Earl’s Court for this series. In June and Augustsix off-air audio recordings of lost TV episodes from Series 4 were hor, though they had been knocking around the bootleg market for some time; however, two of them are very poor quality.


Comedian Tony Hancock starred in the show, playing an exaggerated and much poorer version of his own character and lifestyle, Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock, a down-at-heel comedian living at the dilapidated 23 Railway Cuttings in East Cheam. The entire series exists as telerecordings.

hancocks half hour radio

There have been six LPs released of substantially complete radio episodes. The television version drew on a stock company of actors, who played different supporting characters in each episode. His ashes were brought back to the UK in an Air France hold-all by satirist Willie Rushton and in deference to his fame and knowing love of houd, his ashes traveled back in the first class cabin.

The house changed to accommodate the cast: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Tony Hancock – Hancock’s Half Hour – Pumpkin FM – Old Time Radio

The distinctive tuba-based theme tune was composed by Angela Morleythen known by her original name, Wally Stott. Instead of the traditional variety mix of sketches, guest stars and musical interludes, the show’s humour derived from characters and situations developed in a half-hour storyline.

Also, a number jancocks comedy-themed LPs, EPs and 7-inch singles have been released over the years which have featured short extracts from various radio episodes. The radio series of Hancock’s Half Hour was first released on cassette by the BBC as part of their Radio Collection series of audio cassettes in the late s.

Hancock’s Half Hour

For this final series Sid James was no longer in the cast, as Hancock had become frustrated with the format. The next video release was not to be for another nine years, and that was “The Very Best of Hancock,” a compilation including all episodes from the final series but excluding the last, “The Succession: The re-recordings entailed the rewriting of a number of visual gags; for instance, at the end of the TV version of “The Radio Ham”, Hancock smashes his radio equipment, whereas in the LP version he holds an hlf auction for it.


In and Hancock had starred in two series of a sketch show made by Associated-Rediffusion for ITV televisionwhich were broadcast either side of his first television series on the BBC. Episode 1 exists on a telerecording.

hancocks half hour radio

On 24 September “Christmas at Aldershot” and “The Christmas Eve Party” were re-recorded for the second part of the 4th series to be broadcast inalong with “The Diamond Ring”, which was re-recorded on 11 January Only a short extract from episode 12 survives; this plus episodes 8 and 16 only survive in poor sound quality.

From Wikipedia, the hakf encyclopedia. Hancock himself returned for houg fourth episode and completed the series as scheduled.

The radio series broke with the variety tradition which was then dominant in British radio hoirhighlighting a new genre: After Main Wilson departed for his television career, his role was taken by Tom Ronald.

The six episodes were: In others she ‘came round’ each day, presumably from her own domicile.