The current implementation used a hard-coded method of determining whether the player data file existed. In that event, the player would be sent to the spawn instead. In this section, we are further modifying our config to do some special things with some worldGuard regions. Error on Player Death. Put that as your entire config. To accomplish this, you must first define the two group spawn points you want to use, like so: Do you have an error log of what happened?


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Set that named spawn to be the “onNewPlayer” spawn strategy. Custom commands and events As of 1.

However, there are a few extra permissions that are available that are not directly related to commands: Commands Basic commands command description permission aliases home Go “home” as defined by admin onHomeCommand strategy hsp.

I was working a day later i started my server and is wasn’t working anymore Thanks in advance for your help.

Andrew Potts: Setting up Minecraft with Bukkit

I am inserting with the following syntax:. Decide later you want groupspawns for your groups? Put that as your entire config. This aborts any further strategy processing when it fires.


HomeSpawnPlus Tickets

I was working a day later i started my server and is wasn’t working anymore. It’s part of it’s unique design compared to other plugins – HSP lets you do things the way YOU want, not the way some plugin designer thought they should be.

We’ll assume they homespawnplus.jaar be promoted to group “Members”.


Or how do they get to the members world once they are of that rank? If a player dies within this region, we want to send them to a spawn location just outside the region up in the stands or something.

Last we have a per-permission limit defined. Of course uomespawnplus.jar have never actually looked into it to back that opinion up with any facts. If none of that works out, you just want to send them to the spawn on the local world. If your language of preference is already supported, then all you have to do is edit your config.

HomeSpawnPlus – АРХИВ – MGE-WORLD

Here’s the strategy for that: This option does nothing if BananaChunk is already installed. Just add in the option. Chances are that unique edge or configuration you want, HSP can do it. You get the point. Next we setup the default limits, perWorld honespawnplus.jar 1 and global of 5.


Player yoel21juliHSP location Mainhomespqwnplus.jar, 130final player location Survival5, 64 HSP will grow nicely with your changing needs. HSP supports the concept of localization by allowing string packs to be defined for various languages.


Costs will not work if you do not have Vault installed. Decide later you want homes to be set by beds too? I’m put in config. This means you can allow your Members or VIPs to have more homes than your guests. I also don’t know if there might be a chance that this would homsspawnplus.jar detected as flying. To show all homes on a given world, include “world: Plugin not working correctly with Spigot build MC: New player “firstspawn” always being used on join for Bukkit 1.