It also fed into the plans I had to turn these assessments into grade point averages…. The issue I faced was getting 28 classes worth of pictures into the app. The actual mark book itself is extremely elegant to operate which is a massive help in the middle of a busy lesson. Once the class are in you can import a photo of the class and iDoceo will use facial recognition to pick out the faces which you can then assign to each student by drag and drop. The year before I had used Class Act, which has been spotlighted here on the site before. Once your class has been imported you can then use the seating plan part of the mark book to assign seats to students.

idoceo app

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TeacherKit – Class manager.

You can add an unlimited number of students and classes. A plus sign to show effort or a magnifying glass to show inquiry skills – the variations are limitless and completely personalised to your own practice or school system.

Planboard – Free Lesson Planner for Teachers.

iDoceo – teacher’s assistant. Gradebook,diary, timetable and resource manager

ap Single day view, week, month and timeline. I suggest adding them both to the seating plan view and the Gradebook for quicker reference to data. This you can collate evidence to support assessment judgements, inform planning or share with parents or management teams.


Not only could I see student levels WT, ME, EE at a glance thanks to the colouring, but I could see their position within a threshold – invaluable when over half your student odoceo are essentially pegged as the same level ie “meeting expectations.

It contains resources and applications that essentially allow you to use it as a one stop shop for everything a teacher could need to be organised. I am a pre-service teacher preparing to student teach after the holidays.

I set up a series of thresholds as such: I was planning the trial with a colleague and it seemed wrong that we would both be doing this identical idoeo.

idoceo app

The choice means that you can app this functionality in the way that best suits your needs or the nature of your subject. Teachers, easily record notes about your student and parent interactions.

Please check the What’s new section in iDoceo. Previous Post iPad Rumors: Account Options Sign in. They can see their face and name and they know idceo where to sit. We chose to populate a Dropbox folder with these. It was crucial for me to be able to do this as it allowed for roaming, on-the-spot assessments during fast-paced lessons with classes I only saw once a week.

iDoceo for iPad: The ultimate teacher app? | iPad Insight

No internet connection required. Jun 16, Version 5.

idoceo app

We split the total number of classes in half and completed the uploads to iDoceo. The Notes page allows you to scribble quick notes about a class in either text or ink. We dug into the iDoceo bag of tricks and soon found a great solution.


idoceo app

From here we could then share the classes to each other via email or other apps. The real strength of this app lies in the mark book section.

Key features and advantages: If you teach multiple classes each day or teach elementary art, music, PE, etc. Gradebook,diary, timetable and resource manager. You can add iddoceo unlimited number of students and classes.

‎iDoceo – Teacher gradebook on the App Store

The Calendar integrates with you existing calendars and allows you to view and set events for your day, idcoeo month ahead. It also fed into the plans I had idooceo turn these assessments into grade point averages….

This took a fair while to set up and so rather than ask her team to replicate the task she was doing, the team leader created a template class, complete with all of the assessments columns, then shared the class the same way mentioned above.

For a start, you can import your class as an Excel file.