It keeps it as a line well that’s what I’m calling it , and only when done drawing do you change it to a path. The reason I couldn’t see the nodes is because I was zoomed selection to page, and the nodes are actually showing a short distance away. That part confuses me a little. There is an option to make nodes and handles larger. Is there a list somewhere of tips and tricks?

inkscape powerstroke

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I don’t know if Font Forge is still around, but I used to hear references to it, about making new fonts. Basically you unset the stroke and fill it with a color. Does anyone else think it’d be useful to have 3 diff colors, like a green for the start node, pink for middles, and red for ending node?

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Are you using some kind of tutorial to make a font? Maybe the next closest pink node? The ‘t’ remained at width 1. I can remove any and all of them. I have some gen questions re: Aahh, yes you can! It has happened about 4 times out of the 26 lower case alphabet, and seems to happen on newly created lines, not duplicated ones that the weight is changed on.


So when linked like this, it prohibits duplicating them, and slows down the process. They’re related to Open Clipart, I think the same owner.

Using Powerstroke in inkscape 0.91 for drawing letters

Are there any plans to chg this? Maybe it’s the combination of auto smooth nodes on a bspline lpe object, that’s creating the odd behaviors?

I did finally get an S that works. I’ve added, deleted, changed node style, etc. Not sure if I have to download their pgm, most likely. My current issue is drawing an ‘S’.

inkscape powerstroke

Basically, I just drew a few reg lines and grouped them together, to use as a make shift template. The object was acting like it was there, inkecape I couldn’t see it. I then duplicated the ‘s’ again in this file, and it settled in at width 3 again.

For 5, could you align the nodes before you apply the powerstroke? Sometimes moving the nodes helps move it back, but not always.

Power Stroke, gen help

There’s probably pwerstroke a use for it. Not sure why it’s called power ‘stroke’, as it isn’t about manipulating the stroke. Then I decided if I wanted a butt or round end, etc, if I wanted any end to be skinny or fat, etc. So powerstroke is brilliant in providing the variable width.


inkscape powerstroke

Because duplicated objects are not linked in any way. Welcome to my world of wonkiness, lol. Evidently I didn’t realize I had to move the node, because in further working with it, ctrl click does add a new node. So, I went back and removed path effects on a couple that had b splines, then chose just the power tool and that seems so far to remove some issues, yay; so I think you may have hit the nail on the head about b spline being a cause.

Pkwerstroke issues power stroke.

inkscape powerstroke

Sign up using Facebook. Some characters simply need several power strokes grouped together. To answer your question, to add a node on the opposite side, type the width in as a negative number, ex