You might be wondering why you need to employ such complicated native code invocation methods. User must have registered secret questions and the user must be able to answer the secret questions. User provides the user name. Typically, most executables and library files have more than one section, each of which is aligned on a byte boundary. The exact same use case is true for the Windows command line.

isam esso

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Although AccessStudio lets you control many of the OS messages and properties, sometimes there is a need for more advanced features. User enters the new Active Directory password. For most applications, standard profiling components and methods are more than sufficient. The initial objective now is to embed and execute some code within the application itself.

isam esso

The exact error value that was checked in Listing 4 is related to incomplete initialization of the COM component. The Observer agent intercepts the message and looks for a dialog title in the assigned AccessProfile for this application.

It can also be used in AccessStudio test mode. jsam

The main window activates a trigger to search the mainframe for the text, which then goes to the state to await input from the user. The external VBScript code in Listing esos also uses the MakeCab command to initially compress the library file into a cabinet. The last part of the monitoring procedure takes care of passing messages back into the original PCOMM process using the CallWindowProc functionthereby making sure your interference will be almost unnoticed.


Of course, you can’t directly include a binary file into the VBScript code, which is why some encoding techniques need to be used. As mentioned, seso goal of the proof-of-concept is to use AccessProfile storage efficiently.

Keeping the initial size of the library as small as possible is crucial here playing with COM interface development deviates from the purpose. You’ll just be “extending” the Observer module functions for the purposes of the example. Why is this important?

You must have a temporary password to use AccessAgent. At first glance, this procedure might not make a lot of sense. You can download the sample files used in this article to do a real test of capturing pasted text buffer like isqm credentials using IBM Personal Communications. Users must answer correctly their registered secret questions to do a self-service password reset.

Stream object is used for eso conversion between the stream of binary data and text.

isam esso

isxm If a group of users tends to be huge, separate delivery of such a library file could prove to be difficult and time-consuming. Ess way to augment standard profiling techniques is to use VBScript or JavaScript code that performs custom action needed as part of a workflow action inside an AccessProfile.

If User Account Control is enabled, some problems might occur during the initial COM component registration procedure because this process requires writing predefined entries into the Windows Registry.


isam esso

When the user injects some ezso into the console window, there is no standard way to intercept this action by AccessProfile. From that point, it’s up to the COM component implementation to register itself. The COM component registration is done in the same manner as that of the Regsvr32 Windows command and the same administrative permissions are required. Such a script can make a eso call into the Windows OS to execute prescribed tasks. Windows data compression techniques are used to save some space before the real encoding process starts— you want to use the AccessProfile storage as efficiently as possible.

Single sign-on overview

If any of them fail registration, the process needs to be done. CLSID is a byte bit array that’s filled in with a unique series of bytes. The example library contains only two functions as far as COM component implementation is concerned:. On a Windows system, install and configure:. iisam

ISAM ESSO single sign-on overview

It then tries to load the corresponding library and creates the object from it. In this use case scenario, assume that eso user does select the Paste command from the drop-down menu.

The response flow is defined within the AccessProfile, which resembles a flowchart.