I know it’s not the crossfade. Apple Did update Software Update, about a week or two ago. Sep 27, 7: Please note that this will not jailbreak your device, so back off, moderators. I deliver pizzas and I need my Democracy Now! HT i have itunes which my iphone connects to but my ipod shuffle wont connet to itunes.

itunes 7.0 0.70

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The first public release with iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 support. I chose to format it using FAT and Default allocation size.

itunes 7.0 0.70

View answer in context. For me at least, that counts as a successful update. Oh by the way, I have the I guess it’s third gen iPod, the one before photo.

Older Video Cards version simultaneously released. During that time I was able to check my email, read the other posts on Ars, launch Visual Studio in preparation for actually working, and really Sep 19, The first public release with iPhone 4 iPhone3,3 support.


Jun 13, Posts: Not that I really care about keeping my “at work” PC up to date, I store all my music at home on the PowerBook anyway Sep 27, 6: Apr 30, 8, 0 Murka. In any case, at this point just advise anyone you know with a 5th Gen not to update to the new version of iTunes.

iTunes available for download – Ars Technica OpenForum

I tried the data mode and the resetting and the restarting the computer. I love listening to sermons and lectures, thus I always use my “Recently Added” playlist.

itunes 7.0 0.70

Windows doesn’t see my iPod. Does anyone know if these problems with the 1.

ITunes 7.3.1 doesn’t see my iPod Shuffle

Hello bulgi81, See if any of the troubleshooting steps in this article help: Jul 20, 1, 0. The new version is also available at Apple’s site.

Question marked as Solved User profile for user: User profile for user: How do I remedy it? It’s downloading right now.


itunes 7.0 0.70

Seer Ars Praetorian Registered: Originally posted by Invid: May 2, Posts: Dell Windows XP. I’ll tell you a solution and guess what. Miscellaneous Ground rules Timeline. Why didn’t you change the names when you selected to itunnes them?

iTunes 7.0.2 available for download

I cannot download my new music because my ipod is not recognized. To put things in perspective, I launched Software Tiunes at 9: Because I don’t have a very good file management system and save them to any one of a few different folders on whichever machine I’m using when I see there’s an update.

I can’t believe they release software with such a major bug.