Nulami Posted Jul 31 – What a Fantastic job with big “F”. J1mB 9 Posted 15 September – Oxmaster Posted 29 August – Metallic, on 08 August – You’d be amazed by the power of stupidity, I knew someone that thought physically taking apart the computer would help with a virus, and then wasn’t even able to put it back together without help.

j1mb0s crosshair mod v1.16

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Metallic, on 31 August – Aslain, not to be a complainer, but I have a small problem with the garage. Zelfana Posted 04 September – Arachnicus, on Aug 01 – Metallic Posted 01 September – There are mods which have a huge ass X marker as their penetration indicator, so when you aim at a tank you can see this huge ass green X so you know you can pen it. Edited by I3itchSlap, Aug 01 – Does anyone have any ideas as to what changed and how to fix this?


j1mb0s crosshair mod v1.16

The carousel mod maker hasn’t updated for 9. TankzGirl Posted Jul 31 – ShuraBB 24 Aug Nulami Posted Aug 01 – Now I have to scroll forever to try and figure out all the tanks I still have: Lothior Crosshar Aug 01 – Nulami Posted Jul 31 – Spartocus Posted Jul 31 – Community Forum Software by IP.

Thank you very much!

Any chance you can introduce it as one of the options in the config?? Sign In Username or email: Tifflez, on 15 September – Metallic Posted j1mb00s August – Are you sure that they are the right files?

webium’s modpack – MyWoTMods

J1mB 13 Posted 16 September – Colored Wrecks of destroyed tanks – re-added: Tifflez 7 Posted 15 September – I liked my 3 lines in the hanger. When I try to enter arty mode, the crosshait basically freezes and I lose control ofg my tank, as if the arty mode screen doesnt get displayed.


Once that is finished, I’ll see what the mod looks like in game. Jupiter 02 Sep Gnomefeather’s sound mods – re-added: Community Forum Software by IP.

j1mb0s crosshair mod v1.16

Thank you for all your hard work! Aventus Posted 10 September – I tried to do the same in options of aim, but i cant Thank you.