It’s also really deleted: You discribe Firefox as ” If this still doesn’t fix your issue, it might be an issue with your drive. Read on for more details It supports upgrades by installing right over an existing copy, preserving all settings.


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Any existing Firefox or JonDoFox installation remains untouched as long as you do not install JonDoFox to the same directory and thus update an existing installation. Start the downloaded program by a double click and follow the instructions.


Approximately every third time I run Opera 11 on either of two computers, jondofox.paf.fxe entire profile gets deleted. If you get ask if you would like to allow changes, please confirm. I just downloaded this a couple of days ago, and no matter what, it hangs a lot and is slow to open new tabs or download sites. I don’t want to try to resurrect my passwords, page settings and speedial every time.


In Firefox, Chrome, iron it isnt so. Double click the downloaded JonDoSetup. It’s also worth noting that the PA.


Diagnostics indicate the flash drive is in good “health. It’s a simple rename operation, so generally finished in milliseconds. Opera, Portable Edition is available for immediate download from the Opera, Portable Edition homepage.


But it automatically integrates with the PortableApps menu for which a lot of other applications are available as well. It is also not on https: Thanks for your help, and for responding so quickly!

Opera, Portable Edition 11 Released |

Opera is great for using from a pendrive. Opera Turbo – Speed up browsing on slow connections by compressing webpages before downloading them. Opera has supported this mostly-portable mode since version 9 or To start the software make a double click on Jondofox.;af.exe. Opera Link – Synchronize data of your choice online or across different computers and devices.

Choose your language The installer starts. If this still doesn’t fix your issue, it might be an issue with your drive. My apologies for this bug.


I tried PortableApps, but these apps are very slow from a pendrive. Features Opera, Portable Editions’s features include: Not that I’d use Jkndofox.paf.exe Firefox works great. Two components are necessary: Unfortunately, Opera will open files using an internal directories that you download doc files, etc and this can lock the files. Games work on my USB fast: Opera, Portable Edition 11 has been released.

The one on kejut. Please it works with the PA. By default it can be found in C: Run the JonDo setup Go the the folder where you have saved the files. You can manually set OperaPortable. You were right – it was the disk.