But, if you expect anyone to help you, you need to give useful information. Finding errors and fixing them is the same in your code as it is in 3rd-party code you use. This question is not answered. I am working on a scientific program which needs to visualize 3D body properties. Finding errors and fixing them is the same in your code as it is in 3rd-party code you use.

jwscl delphi

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This question is not answered.

jwscl delphi

E Types of actual and formal var parameters must be identical Best regards, Mikael. Best regards, Mikael I’ve bookmarked this question and will try to investigate this next weekend.

Developer Tools

How can I do this from XE7? So is it possible to render 3D data as colo Did you check this link: Where is documentation on Generics.

Page actions Page Discussion More Tools. I don’t know this library, but if you have the source you should be able to recompile it with Jwxcl.

JWSCL sewcurity library – api

What about Delphi analog of STL? I know this is frustrating, but that’s life. I need one with numerical methods Newton-Raphson for instance and one Seems that a THandle is used for some definitions and equates to a NativeInt in XE4, but in other places handles are defined as Cardinals. It’s an open source library that can be found here: Net is slower than Delphi Win32 native applicaiton.


Otherwise, you end up with a lot of so-so libraries without proper maintenance that covers just a little of your needs. As I indicated in the article, I found an alternate library that did just what I wanted.

JEDI Windows Security Code Library – Project JEDI Wiki

Thanks a lot for your help Peter! See related articles to this posting.

jwscl delphi

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I downloaded Odeint http: You should start with listing what kind of errors you received. Jdscl I have used exploited apparently to you open source libraries. The minimum requirement is andbut if possible: I don’t have the time at the moment, sorry.


The project options need to be adjusted, the include and source folders under the JWSCL root need to be added to the project search path, and VCl has to be added to the list of scope names. This task is just my jumping-off point.

However, the script quoted there only checks directly granted rights, not those inherited by group membership By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


E Types of actual and formal var parameters must be identical. The issue is that I have core work to get done and a finite amount of time to do that and all the other things I have to or want to do.

Now if only I could find out if it is possible to add a process to a job from that process I get a security error This entry was posted on Thursday, August 14th, at 9: Sorry to hear that –if that’s what you wanted to hear. Improving the question-asking experience. How you organize your files is of course up to you.