Although Iran’s population and economy were three times the size of Iraq’s, the latter was aided by neighboring Persian Gulf Arab states, as well as the Soviet Bloc and Western countries. Khomeini, Ruhollah; Algar, Hamid Ethnic minorities in Iran. During the s the mustazafin and disabled war veterans rioted on several occasions, protesting the demolition of their shantytowns and rising food prices, etc. Khomeini was a prolific writer and speaker of his books are online [] who authored commentaries on the Qur’an , on Islamic jurisprudence , the roots of Islamic law , and Islamic traditions.

kashful asrar by khomeini in urdu

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People [on the contrary] want everything for their young offspring.

kashful asrar by khomeini in urdu

Please consult your local ,ashful for such answers on Fiqh. Archived from the original on kashflu February The Islamic Republic banned or uurdu popular Western fashions, music, cinema, and literature.

Archived from the original on 7 January In an interview with Gareth PorterMohsen Rafighdoostthe eight-year war time minister of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corpsdisclosed how Khomeini had opposed his proposal for beginning working on both nuclear and chemical weapons by a fatwa which had never been made public in details of when and how it was issued.

That event is now referred to as the Movement of 15 Khordad. Bharat main agar aata to parday main utara jata youn kuomeini Bani khashim ka dhokay main na mara jata din raat jo pooja hoti chokhat say na sir uthtay us daish key bhasha main Bhugwan pukara jata Salam Ya Hussain. After World War I arrangements were made for him to study at the Islamic seminary in Isfahanbut he was attracted instead to the seminary in Arak.


Imam Khomeini – Urdu Books

Musa al Sadr and the Shia of Lebanon Ithaca: You intellectuals do not want us to go back years. In the executions of Iranian political prisonersfollowing the People’s Mujahedin of Iran unsuccessful operation Forough-e Javidan against the Islamic Republic, Khomeini issued an order to judicial officials to judge every Iranian political prisoner mostly but not all Mujahedin and kill those judged to be apostates from Islam mortad or “waging war on God” moharebeh.

Archived from the original on 6 May Though Rushdie publicly regretted “the distress that publication has occasioned to sincere followers of Islam”, [] the fatwa was not revoked. Asrar-i Hazarsala [1] by Ali Akbar Hakimzadehwho had abandoned clerical studies at Qom seminary and in the mids published a modernist journal titled Humayun that advocated reformation in Islam.

Shia honey ko Dil kar raha he………… Mola Hidayat Dena!!!

Khomeini is said to have stressed “the spiritual over the material”. The body was taken back to North Tehran to go through the ritual of preparation a second time. Khomeini and the Islamic revolution 1st U. I need this did any one have pl post on this page. As Sayyid Fihri, the editor and translator of Sirr al-Salathas remarked, the work is addressed only to the foremost among the spiritual elite akhass-i khavass and establishes its author as one of their number. Wa alaykum salaam Brother. Retrieved 4 February The book defends against Hakamizada’s attacks against such Shia practices as the mourning of Muharramziyarathe recitation of prayers composed by the Imams, [1] clerical fostering of superstitious beliefs to perpetuate their own power, belief in the intercession of Muhammad and his descendants and the lack of any explicit mention of Imamate in the Quran.


Khomeini” by Ali Reza Eshraghi, 20 August Beginning in his adolescent years, Khomeini composed mystic, political and social poetry.

kashful asrar by khomeini in urdu

The anniversary of Khomeini’s death is a public holiday. Writing and Declarations of Imam Khomeini.

He also released books about philosophygnosticismpoetry, literature, government and politics. Tributary conditions, 13Tahrir al-Vasilehvolume 2, pp. Islamic Revolution Document Center.

Ruhollah Khomeini

On the afternoon of ‘Ashura 3 JuneKhomeini delivered a speech at the Feyziyeh madrasah drawing parallels between the Sunni Urd caliph Yazidwho is perceived as a ‘tyrant’ by Shias, and the Shah, denouncing the Shah as a “wretched, miserable man,” and warning him that if he did not change his ways the day would come when the people would offer up thanks for his departure from the country.

Email required Address never made khmeini. Archived from the original on 14 June Talib e dua o Khair Talab Wsa-Wrh.