The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. How do i adjust my sensitivities to make this more responsive? I left these at default. It did that on 6. The scroll wheel lacks the standard endless-scrolling mode endemic to most Logitech mice, and as a result, is much easier to use. Logitech claims the G has a battery life of hours in Performance mode and 1, hours in Endurance mode. The DPI buttons are also out of the way, but easy to reach.

logitech g602 profiles

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In practice, we did not notice much variation between the Performance and Endurance modes, as the only functional difference is a polling rate how frequently the computer processes input data from the mouse of Hz logitec Performance and Hz for Endurance.

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. When I open up the game and actually play the game, my profiles and keys for the mouse will not be set unless I make League Of Legends the default profile, which I do not want to do. The center of the mouse features a rubberized section to prevent palms from slipping. Active 3 years, 1 month ago.

Logitech G Wireless Gaming Mouse Review – Techgage

Jason Bacon Options Share 0. Profile controls which settings profile is active. We encourage a community of KeyMander enthusiasts to help and support other members. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


The G does have one fairly sizable drawback, though: Questionable button placement aside, the G feels substantial and easy to grip, with a design sure to delight palm-grip players. The Logitech G provides the quality players expect from Logitech’s wired mice, with only a few design foibles to hold it back.

Logitech G602 Review

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logitech g602 profiles

This makes a difference at high-level play, but not for everyday gaming. What could be going on?

Fortunately, it sent us one to see if we agree. If it gets too low, the LGS will flash a warning onscreen. The buttons were most useful in “World of Warcraft,” where we had a whole action bar’s worth of skills to assign. As far as wireless mice go, the G performs profilew than most in Z-axis tracking. Otherwise, the G did not appear any slower or less responsive than its wired counterparts.

Is there a permanent client location for LoL? As a member, you can share and download game profiles, share tips and tricks, and get the latest information about the KeyMander. As a wireless peripheral, the G occupies an unusual place in the hierarchy of gaming mice. While 11 buttons may not be enough for die-hard massively multiplayer logitfch players, the G appears to be a good choice for casual-level play. Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled.


logitech g602 profiles

Let’s test out the Modded Minecraft Tech Support close reason. It takes about motions of my mouse to turn 90 degrees either way. Thanks for your support! The mouse comes with a dongle t602 well as a long USB cable, so gamers can position the dongle where it’s most receptive.

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One of the best features of the Logitech software is that when it prkfiles a game, it gives users a list of game-specific commands from which to choose, such as “Attack-Move” in “StarCraft II” rather than just “A.

The scroll wheel lacks the standard endless-scrolling mode endemic to most Logitech mice, and as a result, is much easier to use. Picking up the mouse and replacing it will cause the cursor to move only slightly.

logitech g602 profiles

As such, the mouse slightly favors players with palm grips and larger handsbut we found it perfectly suitable to claw progiles as well. And also play with setting on the mouse?

It seems that the file location for the client changes every update though, making the G forget where it is, and making it so the key binds on the mouse no longer work.