What do you think? Hope this helps a little. Unfortunately, the following option is currently not available due to changes in mAirlist skin programming. Sorry guys, found it ;D. Unless otherwise noted, all settings go into the [Browser] section. Even with the skin.

mairlist skin.ini

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reference:_reference [mAirList Wiki]

Table of Contents skin. See section on Waveform above. You can also hide the individual buttons in the toolbar and the separators between them by setting any of the following values to off:.

Inside the playlist display, as cardinal direction: Height Height of the toolbar FullWidth Use all available horizontal space? The file uses the typical syntax for.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Here some problems I encountered when changing the skin of mAirList skin. For all fonts, there are four available settings: On Air Mode mairlistt color settings. When not ticked, all is well. Even with the skin.

Rules starting with Alternate will only affect every other row skun.ini they allow you to create a striped table like this: Another matter on which I would like to ask your help: Show vertical lines between columns, on or off default: Currently, the following values are available: User Tools Log In.


I want the Playlist item to flash in the same color than the Player Same would apply for FadeRowColor it it does not exist.

mairlist skin.ini

You can use the [CartwallToolbar] section and the various Color settings for buttons for this: UseGradient Use gradient fill? Use the progress bar color settings described in the General section above.

skin.ini Reference

OK Torben, I have mairlisg disabled as it is of no interest for me so I did not notice that. But, how do I do that?

mairlist skin.ini

Player State, in which case the line will match all player states. Hey forsman, looks great on the first view. Might also have something to do with the skin. Active Button is active ActiveHover Button is active, and mouse pointer is inside button Inactive Button is inactive InactiveHover Button is inactive, and mouse pointer is inside button Disabled Button is disabled.

mairlist skin.ini

Selectors allow you to specify settings that only affect particular rows, based on their type, state, etc. The toolbar retains the white background, however.


How can I do that? Yeah, I was a bit in a hurry this afternoon, so I overlooked your statement about the swapped byte order. Please use the common settings mairilst here … https: If there are multiple lines that match a particular row, the last line will have effect.

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In addition to the Item Type which the user can edit in the Properties dialogyou can also select rows based on the Class of the playlist item: And the container could have another container inside! You can leave out any component, e. I just put a second soundcard into the production machine to finally test PFL maybe this weekend.