I loved the story line and the ending!!!! Then there’s the fiancee and the best friend of Michi. I absolutely loved it and I think the ending is one of the reasons why this series is so memorable for me. I think that a lot of people take it a little too seriously and are easily offended by it, but they shouldn’t be. There is no other show daring enough to explore the controversial issues the way it did. There also great cameramanship at work here is that a word? All other love stories after this will be pretty tame, watch at your own risk, and dont forget the hankies.

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So her awaking maho the coma was only a dream. I mean, their love each other, but everyone doesn’t want them to be a lover. It wasn’t for me I guess. Takizawa Hideaki’s character Hikaru is also not very personable as the “aloof rich boy who’s hurting on the inside” is a trite stereotype that he never really grows out of.


This is definitely a drama that should be viewed with an open mind. Ten years down the road this would have been fine. Utada Hikaru’s First Love is just perfect! It’s not just a teacher and a student in love, nor is it just a pair of pretty faces to glee over. I know it’s supposed to be about love conquering all, but I just can’t help to 55 the unlawful crimes committed repeatedly by Michi.

MrNiceGuy Great episoee ever!

She learned and accepted that there are consequences with her actions, she grew up. Reviewed by Bodhi on 15 September I’m actually trying not to expect much from the drama itself cos so far from I’ve watched in Japanese dramasthey usually started so slow, but actually this one moved really fast and focused more on the conflicts of having a teacher-student relationship.


Reviewed by yinki on 8 June Strip it of its awful premise and this could be mistaken as any other tale of lovers battling the odds to be together.

I enjoyed the drama very much it had a superior 55 and gave me much to ponder. Reviewed by celest on 28 November This dramas did its best to be both touching and compelling, but it just lacked a certain emotional quality that could have made it really special. Reviewed by Wynter on 22 June It brought Takizawa to fame! When I jokuen teaching, I was 23 with only a 5-year gap.

I could see the connection the sensei had with her student, and how age never matters when it comes to the bonding of souls. This woman has serious problems and I’m not talking about falling for an joiken guy. And why the hell isn’t she put away in jail forever? One more episods, am i the only one that noticed that the hariku’s mom is kinda weird and nut, i mean, it seemed to me like she has a crush on him or something.

She had to know how her life and the lives of those around her would be impacted but instead of waiting a year for the boy to graduate and avoid all these problems she went ahead. A Complicated Mediocre drama [Rating: Of course, with a plot like the one it has, sad moments are to be expected.


No direction, no goals, spoiled child – no responsibility whatsoever in his life compare to the students in GTO, they are cute because they are responsible to themselves, they may not good in academics but they epissode themselves in some other areas with enthusiasm.

Majo no Jouken Episode 5 – MyDramaList

I wouldn’t exactly call it an anti-climax but I will say that it epislde a bit strange. I vote for idiocy on her part since like, was she stupid or what ; she’s a teacher first and foremost, she should understand why there are rules that prohibits the teacher-student relationship since not many adults actually falls in love and just end up taking advantage of the student.

Social issues greatly influence the people. For the most part, the writing is intelligent and mature, save for a few moments e;isode logic is thrown out the window for the sake of a twist or two; the final few episodes are mxjo guilty of this.

But they never seek to understand before they judge. This is a classic example of a Japanese drama I have serious issues with the ethics of the main characters. They can be companions in their journey searching for their own needs but not lovers fighting for their relationship sacrificing everything.