To kill some time, there is a booth of Project Diva f released in end of August , with a few PS Vitas ready for people to try out the game. There is also a cosplayer cosplaying as Miku standing next to the Miku stand board Got the ticket ready! Notify me of new posts by email. There were two separate showings, one at 3PM and one at 8PM. Lastly, I wonder if you really did try to imagine what it would be like at a concert with a person taking footage in front of you, or everyone taking footage in front of you. Practically speaking these people are doing the same thing you are with this article, they just choose to remember and share this event with a film and not a narration. Hatsune Miku and friends recently held two sets of concerts , with one set in Hong Kong on October 2 and one set in Taiwan on October 6.

mikupa 2012 hong kong

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I do hope that Sega will get Miku to visit Hong Kong again in the near future! No one is forcing people to attend these concerts, and thus no one should force the organizers to hold these concerts a certain way.

My friend and I were disappointed they didn’t even play this song XD Oh well, them’s the break. Filming at a concert is something like this[1] look at Apologies for the poor photo quality. Most of the popular items, such as t-shirts and the leek shape light balloons were long sold out by the time I got there.

mikupa 2012 hong kong

Even though the holograms were far away, the songs and atmospheres made it up pretty well. Miku on the stage. Notify me of new posts by email.

To kill some time, there is a booth of Project Diva f released in end of Augustwith a few PS Vitas ready for people to try out the game. I think a better compromise would be to let attendees have access to the official footage of events they have attended. The evening line started at around three, with maybe a few dozen people in line and eventually built up to a rather big pile of people that snaked back and forth across the hallway.


Kagamine Ren also performed a couple of songs too. However, looking at the big screens at the sides show that the projection actually looks pretty solid, which are seen from the ground level, so the pale appearance may actually be related to the position, and that where I was sitting was not so ideal. Lastly, I see this fallacious reasoning used in a lot of places: For those without the game and console, there was a packed DIVA f demo station downstairs that had the game.


The venue just before the concert starts, a lot of green lightsticks are held ready miupa the standing area. It is not difficult to state such a rule. Oh okng, that’s too bad your seat was so far away: So, are you saying that there was a full upload of the entire concert on YouTube easily available for people to watch indefinitely? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

mikupa 2012 hong kong

It would be great if Miku could speak in Cantonese, or otherwise Japanese may also be fine here, too. It should be pretty easy to spot the people taking video.

People for the standing sections were to line up on the 3rd or 4th floors, depending on whether they were up front or further back, and lines for the evening showing opened once everyone from the afternoon showing were ushered into the concert hall.

Lightning Sabre 8 November at It would no longer feel like a live concert and more like a traffic accident. Of the over people who attended the concerts, many of the audience members knew the lyrics to the songs and the proper calls to do, and the atmosphere rivaled concerts from Japan. I was mostly reacting to your endorsement of this rule and finger pointing at the guys who were filming instead of the guys who were obstructing but maybe your intention was to complain about view obstruction, I just took it for an agreement that filming is bad per se.


Indeed it would be nice and more fitting for the Hong Kong fans if Miku were to speak in Cantonese as well, but it’s understandable miukpa she spoke Mandarin to accomodate both Hong Kong and Taiwan concerts.

Hello Hightrance sorry for late reply I forgot to activate notification. One of the Japanese fans got mistaken for staff due to his rather exquisite Mikupa-related getup.

HATSUNE MIKU / 3rd Overseas Live in Hong Kong & Taiwan! : SYNC MUSIC JAPAN

As for the comparison to article writing, yes, the ends are somewhat the same, but the means are totally different. Also, if I can understand how annoying could be too luminous glowstick and why they should be banned, I hardly see how people filming the concert are a downside on the concert. Most people just want a few shots of the concert and also of the crowd.

A number of yellow lightsticks can be seen near the stage to represent Rin’s colour. In fact, Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo ended up being a big sing-a-long as audience members waved their green glowsticks back and forth, generating the effect of a large field of leeks.