Still, if you plan to stream HD content it’s best to go wired. Where can i find this movie? This works great with the mk Highly recommended if you plan to overclock. Firmware is uploading, wait for the download link.

mk808b finless 1.6

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See below for instruction to use other filess files to change you APP space 10 I added Xbox keylayout to fix some games and camera spin with xbox controller. If they’ve been posted, can you point me in the right direction.

Mk android mini pc – Pg. 5 | Android Stick & Console Computers

I also left the original buiild. MandrakeMar 24, All audio works fine though. There is a full readme txt in the download file, then you can know how to flash this Kernel, it is super easy!

I’ve been asking around and no answer. NobodyMar 12, Subscribe to Thread Page 5 of 17 First 3 4 5 6 7 15 Last. It’s pretty limited but for 99 cents finless isn’t too bad.

Mk808 android 4.1 mini pc

You have the entire google play store of apps to explore. Or is there another way of Flashing finlesss MKB apart from this executable?


The mk is basically a dual core android device without the screen. Before, external keyboard wouldn’t even show up as an option.

mk808b finless 1.6

Here are some Screenshots of 1. It’s still a bit clunky. Please consider registering guest. If reboot to flash mode does not work, then use this alternate proceedure. Download and copy it to a microsd and insert it in the stick. If it is not pink again make sure: In chrome enter does nothing and you have to click on the GO button on the virtual keyboard.

Instructions for Finless 1.4, 1.5……1.6 | MK 808 | Android Mini Pc Forums

You will need you keyoard exit key. So install that first. No, create an account now. Be Aware of the Clones!

mk808b finless 1.6

Please Notice, This method is just suit for the device which has flashed the following custom rom:. Get a nice one that works with all TV’s and resolutions at monoprice. I have spent quite some time and running into a weird problem when trying to install the ROM And I can’t get passed the first step!

Some MK users reported wifi issues with connection rate dropping over time finelss 1.


ARogan: Android Stick PC (mk)

I have yet to figure it out or how to use finnless but if we ever do, its there. Make sure you go into android settings display zoom it so there is NO overscan. I want one for a permanent install for a kids TV so I can stream to it, but been afraid to pull the trigger. Gesendet von meinem JY-G3 mit Tapatalk 2. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge fnless about your device! Need this to do the first part. I have no access to another computer so it’s really a bummer to not be able to update the firmware.

FinlessBob has made a stable 1.