Sometimes mwaka jana alitoka na wimbo Nipe Nafasi ambao ulienda hewani na kumtambulisha vyema tu kama msanii mwenye uwezo wa kipekee katika kuimba. I have received this with a PR notes that I saw no need to change. Ulikuwa ni msemo wa kawaida unapotaka kupoza hasira za mtoto…. Here is the official video. Type the name of the song or artist you would like to find and submit.

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New Music : Song: Gosby f/ Vanessa Mdee & Jux – Monifere (Hot)

Hii inakwenda kwa jina Ni Wewe ikiwa ni production nyingine kutokea pale Burn Records kwa Sheddy Gsoby ambaye naye anafanya vizuri katika anga za wapikaji wa muziki. It comes in her new track titled Serebuka.

It is more sweet and enjoyable that way. Here is their newest Single titled Talaka [Divorce].

Not only did she bounce back superbly in musicbut she also ventured in television where she now have a reality show Diary Ya Lady JayDee. I was watching my favorite preacher, Joel Osteen, the other day when his sermon was about remembering the good and forgetting the bad.

It was nice creativity then and I believe it still resonates today. I already have an account.


Gosby lyrics

Love scenes have drastically changed…unfortunately. With a well armed talented team behind her including Nahreel: You gotta have plenty of it for me to stay with you or otherwise I am gonna try to catch moniferd next train.

Each corner claims their artist is better than the other one.

Huu hapa ni wimbo mpya kutoka kwake. True love is almost unheard of in our times. It was the best thing he had ever seen.

From here, you can bby your signup method. What was missing back then was her own voice or identity. You got it and you are in control. Debuting on the popular Clouds FM radio show, XXL on November 13, we encourage you to tune in, crank up the volume and boogie to this work of art for the very first time.

That is what makes a difference in recycling the circle. Take an evening walk at the park and count stars. While you are holding tight, Ben Pol is loving you with his first official release for You must be logged in to download a song. Miongoni mwa vipaji ambavyo naviona kabisa ni pamoja na hiki cha msanii mpya mpya anayekwenda kwa jina la jukwaani; Baridi.

Monifere – Gosby | Mkito

Ney Wa Mitego is known to be a hustler and an artist. Yes, some will see huna maana [ I know they can pretend too]. Having featured on quite moniferre few other local artists tracks, V-Money has been waiting for the perfect time to release her new single which she knows her fans have patiently been waiting for.


Kama lilivyo jina lake, ukiwa mgumu wa kuelewa muziki unaweza ukadhani…eenh,jamaa kichaa. Embed this content in your HTML. Kama hujawahi kuambiwa hivyo wakati wa utoto wako,basi ama hukuzaliwa na kukulia Tanzania au umezaliwa kizazi hiki hiki cha. Log In Sign Up. Claim or contact us about this channel. Listen to the vocals and whole arrangement of the song and you will understand [may be not now but later] when I say Mwasiti is one of the gosbyy.

From here, you can select your login method. Ben Pol in a song titled Usione Hatari.