What’s up with that? Mike verizon Treo p no data plan. All the same for the Zire I didn’t download any extra software from intuwave, the site wasn’t working. To correct my previous post, I have OS 3. I’ve been trying to access it in order to download m-Router but I’ve had no luck. Mike verizon Treo p no data plan.

mrouter 3.1

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It rolls back the install after I click OK.

You may terminate this Agreement at any time prior to the expiry of the Term by permanently deleting or destroying at Your own costYour downloaded copy of the Software, all backup copies, and all related materials made available to You by Intuwave upon which Your end-user rights will automatically and immediately terminate without notice from Intuwave. With these BT services turned on I got the frustrating serial error on my T3 when trying to connect.

January 16, at 8: Make sure that you allow the connections. To correct my previous post, I have OS 3. July 15, at 6: Thank you for the great tips Tam!


Howto: Bluetooth Internet with Windows XP

Restart it to apply the settings! I didn’t download any extra software from intuwave, the site wasn’t working.

mrouter 3.1

I have a Handspring Treo version 3. Aside from making payments on a cellphone that I don’t want? Hopefully the following info will help others avoid a couple of hours of frustration.

m-Router 3.1

I can’t remember at the moment whether it’s on or off by default. Jan 13, Posts: Anyone have similar experiences?

Is there anywhere else I can download this from? Mar 04, Posts: Please do not ignore us, as I’ve looked around the Internet and have not found anything. What about w users? Ok lets start the tutorial…….

m-Router | Slimware Utilities

Anyone have any ideas? Obviously, you can and should change the mrouteer of the connection and network link so that they better fit your needs-I choose Custom and Dongle-BT02 just because I felt that that fit: Ensure that your Bluetooth connection on your phone is always on during the phone setup Once this is ok. The one pointed to in the previous post rapidshare link is v 3. And whatever you do, DONT plug the w into a machine before you install the CD drivers and activesync else, you are in for a mrouyer of a time getting the device to sync and be recognized.


Then, create a new Network link.

m-Router Download –

I mroutee this set-up working fine on my Treo December 18, at Any use of the word Palm is for discussion purposes and is a registered trademark of Palm Inc. Now to get a dongle to use it with.

mrouter 3.1

Even if there were already an active mrouher connection, VersaMail will disconnect from that and initiate GPRS sign-in. The first step in your M-Router journey involves downloading the M-Router executable from the web site of its developer. Just letting you know that Intuwave, the suppliers of M-router have gone into administration. Could anybody send it to me?