This is from the MRP40 author’s website: Please help promote this excellent piece of software. You can get free software that performs better. It has been of great value to me since then in many ways, not the least of which has been to monitor my own code sending. This requires an interface box between PC and transceiver.

mrp40 morse code decoder

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I think some of the low reviews had more to do with the operator than the program.

A change codf the PC means having to request a new unlock key. You can get free software that performs better. I have been using MRP40 almost from early days. In case when running the program after pressing the “TRY” button the ” program terminates without any error: I like CW Decoder. If “deep guard is enabled” with “advanced process monitoring” enabled then MRP40 is placed in the “monitored programs mogse and is prevented from running.

MRP40 Morse Decoder Product Reviews

I note a few adverse comments saying “even with a big signal it wasn’t reading? I do not believe you decode be using SDRuno at all.


CwGet’s AutoGTM never fails in locking on to a signal and gives reasonable copy at any speed, MRP40 doesn’t always manage this which means I have to manually play with the settings before it starts to decode.

Very nice to let interested people actually see what is being sent and received also reads what you send via your sidetone.

Oh, it can transmit too but, I haven’t used this feature. Its opened up a whole new world of morse code for me!

mrp40 morse code decoder

And you can give demos mr40 how cw works when you have visitors in the shack. I’m running Windows I would use is when qso’s would get a bit fast for me.

MRP40 Morse Code Decoder

I found the program can copy sold with zero s-meter reading and lower if you know how to use your radio filters. I don’t know whether the author has upgraded the software to work with the RSP2 as well.

Click here and study the article. Pentium MHz or faster Decodee System: Restart MRP40 “Runtime error activex component can’t creat object” This means that one of the delivered. Contact the site with comments or questions. I used this software to increase my speed from about wpm to over It is now over 10 years since I first started using MRP I think it’s the best CW program on the market. Click noise during sending via soundcard eliminated – Windows 7 Support added: Icom Repair Solid state and tube radio repair and restoration Nu Ware: Click here for instructions.


A neatlitle mfp40 to log your contacts. Windows 7 specific instructions: The ultimate Morse code training software http: The program worked for me.

Search on your PC the file dx8vb.

mrp40 morse code decoder

Click on Recording devices. For technical support relating to SDRplay hardware or software, please open up a support ticket via www.