For more information about Group Policy, visit the following Microsoft Web sites: Microsoft Knowledge Base Article documents the currently known issues that customers may experience when installing this security update. The security update addresses the vulnerabilities by modifying the ATL headers so that components and controls built using the headers can safely initialize from a data stream. We recommend that you add only sites that you trust to the Trusted sites zone. This buffer overflow can probably be exploited to execute arbitrary code remotely. To do this, an attacker would have to convince users to visit the Web site, typically by getting them to click a link in an e-mail message or in an Instant Messenger request that takes users to the attacker’s Web site.

ms09 035 patch

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The update associated with this bulletin is intended for developers who create components and controls so that they can use Visual Studio to create components and controls that are not vulnerable ,s09 the reported issues. I only had two sytems that showed it relevant. Are my components and controls vulnerable, and if so, how do I update them?

We’ll keep looking at this, thanks. An attacker could pstch a specially crafted Web site that is designed to exploit this vulnerability through Internet Explorer by attempting to exploit a vulnerable control, and then convince a user to view the Web site.

It should be a priority for customers who have older releases of the software to migrate to supported releases to prevent potential exposure to vulnerabilities.

This vulnerability has been publicly disclosed. Installing this update will block the vulnerable control from running in Internet Explorer. In addition, compromised Web sites and Web sites that accept or host user-provided content or advertisements could contain specially crafted content that could exploit this vulnerability. If a restart is required at the end of Setup, a dialog box is presented to the user by using a timer paych.


ms09 035 patch

The update addresses the vulnerability by enforcing proper buffer allocation when reading a stream and providing updated versions of ATL that allow developers to address this issue in potentially vulnerable controls. For components and controls built using ATL, unsafe usage of OleLoadFromStream could allow the ms0 of arbitrary objects in Internet Explorer that can bypass certain related security policies. There is a new version that was published recently.

The majority of Visual Studio customers ns09 have automatic updating enabled will receive this update automatically and receive the updated ATL.

ms09 035 patch

Therefore, this security update is rated Moderate for all supported editions of Microsoft Visual Studio. If a user has a vulnerable control on their system, and an attacker bypasses the mitigations described in Microsoft Security Advisoryan attacker could read information in memory on the affected system. I have been fighting this same issue for a couple of weeks now.

If an attacker can trick a user of the affected software into opening such a ptch, this issue could be leveraged to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of that user.

Ms09 035 patch

According to the msft bulletin summary, the relevance looks fine. This issue could allow a remote, unauthenticated user to perform remote code execution on an affected system.

Other versions or editions are either past their support life cycle or are not affected. When you call, ask to speak patcb the local Premier Support sales manager.

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The 32 bit version still fails as of this morning. This sets the security level for all Web sites you visit to High. In all cases, however, an attacker would have to discover a vulnerable control, and force users to visit these Web sites. The vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution if a user loaded a specially crafted component or control. For backward compatibility, the security update also supports many of the setup switches that the earlier version of the Setup program uses.


Are Visual Studio users directly affected by these vulnerabilities? For contact information, visit the Microsoft Worldwide Information Web site, select the country, and then click Go to see a list of telephone numbers.

This vulnerability could be exploited when a user opens a specially crafted file. Note that this vulnerability would not allow an attacker to execute code or to elevate their user rights directly, but it could be used to produce information that could be used to try to further compromise the affected system.

For more information, see the following MSDN article. The following mitigating factors may be helpful in your situation: For contact information, visit the Microsoft Worldwide Information Web site, select the country in the Contact Information list, and then click Go to see a list of telephone numbers.

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This security update addresses several privately reported vulnerabilities in the public versions of the Microsoft Active Template Library ATL included with Visual Studio. What is the scope of the vulnerability?

ms09 035 patch

These applications are not exposed to this bug.