This job can be super shitty. Endless drives, only get paid when you catch, and no one is ever glad to see you. I was lissening to a podcast called Nerdcast and got inspired to draw some Hellboy! The Team tries to compile a generational list of top anime, based on chapter counter. This episode is almost 3 hours long, and we also answer listener questions towards the end so dive in and enjoy!!!!!!!!

nerdcast 402

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Entre em contato com a gente! Fashionfory shares his excitement for Netlfix’s new anime Carole and Tuesday and his hate for Netflix distribution.

nerdcast 402

The gang is back together! But who can guess the Whovian auction prices, and just what is a rattan ball? Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro.

Nerdcast 402

Best job I ever had though. Azaghal – nerdbunker Tags: O homem das mil vozes: Atualmente, Rex possui 84 nerdcsst seguidores no Instagram e What is your favorite Saga character or moment? This job can be super shitty. Guess what commander deck these are in?!


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Naruto and sasuke take the losses to jigena much stronger enemy then expected No one goes in hungry. Just spreading a lil joestar love on a Monday. What an awesome flavor text. Have you taken a listen to it?

nerdcast 402

Batman artists Nolan and Nowlan both share details of their work. For me I think it’s this judge promo food chain! What were your thoughts on the pilot? Seems safe enough, here we go. The legendary shinobi gabimaru the empty along with 9 other criminals are to be executed unless they find out the elixir of life on a paradise island I was lissening to a podcast called Nerdcast and got inspired to draw some Hellboy!

Six Bullets to the Gravedigger.

Paranapiacaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. OG tackles what is Samurai 8 and its power creep.

Nerdcast 402 – O Sistema Solar

Good intel, time to do work. Em certa hora, o caionogueira.

Available from all good podcatchers. News pod is up!


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Another Episode has been nerdcas for everyone to listen to! Assista o ultimo do Nerd Cast! Have asta and yuno become thug enough to be one of your top 5 rivals in anime?

Always helpful when the family is cooperative.

nerdcast 402

After having been mentioned so often on the podcast it could no longer be avoided, this week The Fantom Zones plunges headfirst into the pages of Saga!