Not to mention all those extra writes that are supposedly going to destroy the SSD portion of this drive anyways. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. Nvidia’s Tegra Cost So Far: Here are the release notes , with descriptions of incremental revisions. Subscribe to our newsletter. NVELO is a software company with tens of employees and millions of dollars.

nvelo dataplex ssd caching software

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nvelo dataplex ssd caching software

To me, this product looks like its hurting. Windows boot time, from dtaplex computer On button, until main desktop screen appeared Time to load the FSXMark07 test flight, from clicking a taskbar shortcut to the FSMark07 flight file, until the cockpit and scenery appeared on the monitor.

For those that dismiss the “cache” scenario out datap,ex hand, i. I did not do enough tests to fully explain this, though it may be related simply to statistical variance.

nvelo dataplex ssd caching software

As you can see, Dataplex came through giving a huge performance upside while still providing much greater capacity than the SSD by itself. If this is the case, I would assume that as SSDs become sssd prevalent many software developers will begin to optimize their code for these drives.

Samsung acquires SSD Caching Vendor “Nvelo”

Thanks for the answer though. The momentus is for a totally different target. If something just created is really worth saving, save it twice. NVELO is a software company with sed of employees and millions of dollars. What a dumb idea. Additional tests were also conducted, and the complete list of tests for each SSD follows:. Did you even read my questions?


Samsung acquires SSD Caching Vendor “Nvelo” | eTeknix

As far as software caching solutions swd, this one is a little different. The Dataplex software only allows you to cache the boot drive. Crucial suggests that you: That was a tragedy? The results are the results and were consistent through a few tests, most commonly with the SF drives with respect to the increased write speed.

High Queue Depth Sequential Performance. For example, Dataplex is not tied to any specific chipsets, making it a viable option for AMD based setups and older systems without Intel’s SRT support.

Can’t test now, but if someone is willing, go ahead. Cachinng tested a few of the XT’s are they are quick. UGCX Tow rope release. This means caching can only be enabled when you install Windows to the RevoDrive Hybrid and boot from it. As a secondary drive, it’s possible to manually access the SSD and hard drive portions of the RevoDrive Hybrid separately, but they won’t operate cooperatively as a caching solution.

nvelo dataplex ssd caching software

Some hard drives incorporate faster rotation speed. To start off on why we decided to go down this road, the problem that presents itself for most computer enthusiasts is trying to find a perfect blend of total storage capacity to fast storage access. A great example of this occurs during system start up.


The difference is that write-through caching synchronously writes to the NAND and the hard drive. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

After rebooting, the caching drive will begin to accumulate cached files. Sign In Sign Up. If you’ve experimented with caching on a Z68 platform, you’ll find the RevoDrive Hybrid to be a bit more restrictive or, you could call it more specific.

I presume uninstalling doesn’t need to validate?

Samsung Acquires SSD Caching Company NVELO

The package includes compact instructions in multiple languages, though I was disappointed to note that the Dataplex key code datsplex located on one side of the SSD, in very small type, and the instructions suggest you write it down.

At time of writing, some of the products reviewed above seemed to have limited availability. Hammerspace Adds Global Undelete Service.