To identify whether to insert or update a particular row, you must also specify a match condition by using the -mergeSchema option, the -mergeOn option, or both. Specifies the data file to load. Outputs See nzload command status reporting. The nzload command commits the transaction at the end of the job, provided it does not detect any fatal errors. Netezza Backup and Restore: It is a type of database backup.

nzload utility

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You should have full backup of the database before using differential backup option. The utiilty type that you specify for a column must match the data type for the column in the table. Default delimiter in nzload is pipe. Additional options The nzload command takes the following additional options: Nzloda on the local host if not specified here. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

Netezza NZLOAD utility

If omitted, nzload generate log files in current directory. If the match condition is met the row exists in the tablethe row is updated. Specify this option if the data file is compressed. Also, there is no delete functionality. A filter identifies a subset of records in the data file, target table, or nzpoad.


Specifies the path name of the root CA certificate file on the client system. Specify one nz,oad more column names and operators. Corresponds to the SocketBufSize external table option.

nzload command examples

You can use hdfs dfs -cat along with nzload to load Netezza table from hdfs directory. Inputs The nzload command uses many of the options for external tables as described in External table load options. Syntax The nzload command uses the following syntax: The following table contains additional external table options that you can specify for the nzload command.

The nzload command takes options and arguments. Additional options The nzload command takes the following additional options: How do we handle problem users?

nzload utility

Displays the IBM Netezza level. I write about Big Data, Data Warehouse technologies, Databases, and other general software related stuffs. You can accept the defaults or specify options on the command line, in the control file, or by using environment variables.


The argument has four values: If the file exists, it is appended to. Outputs See nzload command status reporting. The nzload command connects to a Netezza database with user name and password associated with server.

hadoop – Netezza utility NZLOAD to point -df location to the hdfs location – Stack Overflow

If you set this option to any name but localhost or any IP address but the reserved one If the Netezza system requires a secured connection, the connection is rejected.

You cannot choose which columns to update or insert.

For a Netezza system that supports multiple schemas in a database, this option specifies the schema in which to load the table. Syntax The nzload command uses the following syntax: Specifies the log file name.

nzload utility

The nzload command ignores letter casing for the characters in option arguments. Inputs The precedence of the input values is as follows: