As much as I like the characters and the design of the new Munch game, I’m still hoping for the true spiritual sequel to my good old Abe. Once free, Munch teams up with Abe and together they are guided by the wisdom of the Almighty Raisin. Munch’s Oddysee was ported to the Game Boy Advance in May Odd help you! But i guess i was wrong. December 17, iOS WW: Just Add Water Developments , Ltd.

oddworld munch oddysee hd ps3

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Munch’s Oddysee is a video game, released for the Xbox.

Somewhere around the same. That is so sad: It’s cool tho, anything is better than when this first laucned on steam, what a mess that was, most people including myself couln’t get the game to run.

I just hope they actually port over everything. Violence Crude Humor Blood Language. In the game’s booklet, it warns that Abe can only possess Industrialists, but in gameplay, the player can possess all the creatures permitted in Oddworld: Not having exact comparisons is tiresome and irritating, have to keep checking back on the boards every few months to know if finally the game is on par with the PS3 version.

oddworld munch oddysee hd ps3

Odd world not working HELP!!!! The Mudokon oddsee Abe is apprized by an oracular ‘Almighty Raisin’ of Munch’s plight, who commands him to rescue the Gabbit. He can also swim in water, while Abe can not.


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December 19, [1] NA: Sep 18, 5: Lulu, under their control, becomes a multi-millionaire; and when he travels to Vykkers Labs to join the auction, Abe and Munch infiltrate the fortress to rescue the Mudokon eggs. As much as I like the characters and the design of the new Munch game, I’m still hoping for the true spiritual sequel to my good old Abe.

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oddworld munch oddysee hd ps3

To obtain both, Abe and Munch must help a Glukkon named Lulu by forcing various wealthy Glukkons to donate their fortunes to a front organization titled “Lulu’s Fund”, in the hope of buying the Gabbiar with the money thus obtained. Odddworld is for the Steam version for Microsoft Windows.

Originally posted by gordonfreeman Abe’s Exoddusand, for the first time, Slogs the reptilian hounds kept by the industrialists as guardsthough the options for controlling non-Industrialists are very limited, and usually result in the victim’s destruction.

Retrieved from ” https: P3s geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. December 17, iOS WW: Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

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How would you feel if you broke your leg in a scrab trap, were abducted by soulless scientists, had an alien device implanted in your skull, and found out your race had been hunted to extinction? Oddworld Inhabitants’ Lorne Lanning’s original vision was to create a series of five video games, the Oddworld Quintology, with each game introducing a new hero who would join the existing band of revolutionaries on their journey to put an end to the exploitation of cultures, people and the natural world by profiteering capitalists.


Using the device’s electrical properties, Munch breaks free and escapes the Labs with the help of the small, ferocious ‘Fuzzles’, on whom the Vykkers customarily perform experiments. For Munch, his dream is to bring back his species from the brink mnuch extinction. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD

If you do not wish to accept all these terms, do not download this item. October 10, Microsoft Windows WW: Fortunartly the PS3 version can now be emulated at full speed on PC. hdd

oddworld munch oddysee hd ps3

Retrieved 26 February Munch is then taken to his captors’ hovering fortress, Vykkers Labs, where the chief operator implants an electronic pddworld in Munch’s head. These critters will be forever loyal to Munch and in turn enable his escape. But i guess i was wrong.