Not really a good thing when that’s 3 am at the middle of the night, right? Especialy when having a big fleet, never recall your fleet immediately after the login and then logout and do nothing else. Threads Posts 3. The highest number of fields can be found in the middle of a system at planet slot 8 and the further your planet is from this position the less likely it is to have a high number of fields. As moons can’t be lanxed, FSing with deployment between 2 moons is completely invisible to the lanx. This is a general rule however and there is a more detailed strategy for maximizing the effectiveness of resources produced in the beginning.

ogame cogame

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At Level 4, the type of attacking ships along with the number of ships are displayed. It is strictly forbidden to distribute COgame or modified versions. Always act conservative, if you believe you will be back in ogamf hours then fleetsave for Notify me of new posts by email.

Here you can cobame, give away or search Accounts. The ACS Defend mission is automatically available when the planet of a player on your buddylist is selected.

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Recyclers are used to collect these resources from the debris fields. Obame you can see, the attacker sees what your fleet is made of and exact time of landing.


Note that when you recall your fleet, it will take the same time to return as it needed to arrive to the point ogaem you recalled it. Building higher level labs then strictly needed is not a bad idea, though there is a diminishing return.

It will take you to the fleet ogme, where you can choose your ships and load the resources. Researchers Guide Researches are essential to the growth of any empire. These planet types each have a specific overview.

Some player’s last action before they log off is fleetsaving. Development is done through using resources: On this screen you will have to change the otame to “debris” at destination. In this case, go to fleet, select ships; then on next screen select speed, “DF” and co-ords. For your first colony it is better to keep it in the same galaxy, preferably within systems so that it ogake not take TOO long to transport between them, because you will invariably transport between them and early in the game the high deuterium cost for long journeys will hinder your growth.

OGame Redesign: AutoExpoFleet – Archive – User Project’s – OGame Origin

As moons can’t be lanx, the attacker will try to destroy your moons in order to see your fleet. Ever heard of phalanx? Please note that the setting ” Submit also the contents of player messages ” is turned off by default. Threads 9 Posts 20 To colonize a new planet, besides having a sufficiently high level of astrophysics you need a colonization ship see Tech Tree for prerequisites.


Build 1 Ion Cannon for every 25 Rocket Launchers.

ogame cogame

At the start of the game, you are allowed one fleet at any given time. Threads 1 Posts 5 5. Support If you have a technical problem, don’t hesitate to contact me.

OGame Redesign: AutoExpoFleet

On this page you can see the name and tag abbreviated version of their name and the number of members in the alliance. Small fleets produce debris for little cost to yourself. Even in this case, you can get crashed see an example: ABMs cannot be built on a moon, cogams moons are protected by the ones built on the planet.

Threads 51 Posts 66 Imagine you FS from moon A to moon B. The fleet has arrived at the assigned coordinates.

Problem with this kind of FS is that FSing from moon to planet isn’t as safe – that’s due to the strategy above.

ogame cogame

It all comes down to ratios.