Copy 5 folders to pc desktop. All about opcom China clone firmware 1. Follow the on screen instructions. And then select your car model; Step7. I will never have to pay a mechanic again to clear these pesky codes!! I am so pleased! I have an old dell laptop running windows vista.

opcom firmware 1.59

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The Security Pass for the car 4. Here are the steps to get this working: Rename it with a VHD extension. Put the key into the ignition and turn but Do Not crank the engine; Step3. Download free op-com software, and install the program.

How to update clone Opcom firmware to – EOBDTOOL Blog

Then use 7-Zip or another archive tool to open the EXE file as an archive. You are commenting using your Google account. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Note the fault codes and clear them.

To be continued… www. Firmqare vehicle identification menu will pop out in the next page. I have wiped most of opcoj glue off now with meths, the laptop CD drive reads it but not the desktop pc, but my desktop drive may be faulty.


opcom firmware 1.59

I have an old dell laptop running windows vista. Follow the on screen instructions. It took about 40 mins to transfer CD on to my laptop, maybe because of the glue.

Delivered in 24 hrs. This guide will help you how to upgrade clone Opcom firmware to 1.

opcom firmware 1.59

Vaux-com a download free for Op com firmware 1. Below we make the upgrade instruction of Op com china clone Opcom firmware upgrade to 1. Once you have done this, unlock and all should be done. Recently used it to track down an EGR fault on my combo, the live data and record feature makes it easy to trace problems mine turned out to be sticking by what the figures where showing, I would of been playing parts darts with out this software as I had no fault codes, I cant praise it enough money well spent and saved at the same time….

I will never have to pay a mechanic again to clear these pesky codes!! If you firmwage any other car in the Vauxhall range then any of the Firmwares will work perfectly.


opcom fw 1.95 1.70 1.65 1.59 1.45 VAUX-COM 120309a download, PCB, install, reviews

At last we opened the vaux-com software version is Although this is a brilliant bit of kit for all Vauxhalls. Not for the fainthearted though as doing it wrong will damage the interface. END opcom Vaux-com a widows 7 install: Insert your NEW remote central locking board into your key; Step2. How to update clone Opcom firmware to 1.

Opcom china clone 1. How to install Opcom firmware 1.

OPCOM firmware 1.70 vs OP-COM 1.65 vs Opcom 1.59 vs Opcom 1.45

Clone opcom driver in German download http: Notify me of new firmwzre via email. I am so pleased! Skip to content Advertisements. Popped the disk in and installed the software.