Unless they are moves that focus on one side of the body, then they are done 30 seconds on each side of the body in 10 second level increments. P90X did a much better job of mixing it up and thus keeping me motivated. Granted, not as effective, but you are still getting the core work. P90X Plus is an add on program for P90X. It is an absolute monster. Each circuit has 4 moves in it.

p90x plus kenpo cardio

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P90X+ (P90X Plus) – Kenpo Cardio Plus | H-man Fitness

Leave p90 Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here So my little boy and I are inside today. I use Kenpo X as a recovery workout. If you liked this review, you may also like my P90X2Rip: I love these reviews. Cardio Break Same Cardio Break we did before, but if you want you can turn the jump into double jumps. Motivation was tough near the end.

P90X Plus Workout Review

Spider man jumps do a burpee but do a spiderman push up at the bottom. It does have a very short cool down period.


p90x plus kenpo cardio

Like Tony Horton says, we are not just standing around doing blocks, in this one. Or you can do Upper Body Plus and get all your upper body work done in one workout, rather than doing chest and back one day, and shoulders, biceps and triceps another—which is how P90X does it.

I have some mixed feelings about this workout, so let me start by saying that it is a very good total body strength workout. After that we do jumping jacks. I didn’t use a heart monitor to measure calories burned, but I assume it would be a close call.

p90x plus kenpo cardio

P90X workouts are pretty long—P90X Plus workouts are shorter. Once you get into the workout, you become grateful for the levels of intensity. You are commenting using your Google account.

We do 30 seconds on the left, then 30 on the right. This is the right place! For each rep throw a jab, then an uppercut, then a back kick with the right leg. Weighted Warriors moving in and out of warrior pose with light weights in each hand. Kenpo Cardio is a It is an absolute monster. Now throw 8 alternating high blocks with your arms, followed by 4 alternating knees. It is a bit of a problem with Core Plus, but not a major problem.


Round 1 — Repeat Cardio Break Same Cardio Break we did before, but if you want you can turn the jump into double jumps. This is the same position as we used in the Jab, Step, Cross.

I really enjoyed it. Notify me of new comments via email.

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After that turn back to the left and repeat. We do 30 seconds per side on this exercise. If you do not have a pull up bar then you can use a resistance band secured in a doorway.

Each move has 3 levels of intensity. The training period consists of 3 circuits each done twice for a total of 6.