And take some in their home. U are prefect for me. Vishal Dadlani , Shekhar Ravjiani. In Hindu Mythology the months are different from the months of the Georgian Calendar. Nandini indicates the path.

paune bara baje

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Nandini is happy and want to enjoy the dance.

In India, we use the hour clock. She takes a pullover.

Whats Going On Song Lyrics Translation

Your rating will really help us to improve our website. To say the time is half past one, we would say deedh baja hai. Nandini is five months pregnant. Manik thinks that she will loose so he is very enthusiastic. GN lovelies tc bye. Names of the month as used in the Georgian Calendar are used and understood in India today. Don’t forget that I know how to drive. Discussing a few in detail: In Hindu Mythology the months are different from the months of the Georgian Calendar.


She smile and steps out from the car. The article learning Numbers in Hindi can be read to learn more.

He makes her sits on the front passenger. Many words of the English language are also accepted as part and parcel of the daily language, but basic knowledge of the language is always welcome.

paune bara baje

No Nandu u ate ice cream u can’t play in rain. Knowledge of the language facilitates travel and assimilation.

Whats Goin On Lyrics

Browse by Singer Name Alphabetically: The influence of Urdu on the commonly spoken language is heavy. The words subah, dopahar, shaam, raat can be prefixed to the time to indicate whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or night. Vishal DadlaniShekhar Ravjiani. So now u understand. Panue waa baby doll? Except for the time zones being different in different regions of the earth there is no discrepancy that we come across.

Telling Time in Hindi, with Pronunciation –

Nandini orders lot of ice creams. But no Nandini stands up. They used various elements of nature — the sun, the moon, the tides, and the stars to read time. He starts his car.


paune bara baje

Sorry baby I am very tired so please go and take in the kitchen. But in 1 am the shop will closed.

Lesson # What Time is it? Part 3 | Learning Hindi!

Start the car just follow my instruction. Aditya ChopraYash Chopra. Manik holds her face: But she doesn’t listen and runs in the rain.