You will also be asked to enter your admin password, in case you are not currently using an admin account. There is no 5. However, as he is deciding to charge more than even the major Japanese publishers do and for a dictionary he did not even write, I can’t attempt to do so directly myself. Now you can click OK. The uninstaller can automatically scan and find out all registry keys, exe files, DLL files, drivers, and other components in every corner of the computer and then thoroughly delete all of them. Click on Windows 10 start button and choose File Explorer. P i’m sure if you search you can find english guides

pdic eijiro

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Even after you uninstall a program, files and folders related to the program may not be deleted from your computer. On a side note, his dictionary looks like a great idea, but it is not his work, being most likely machine translated through freely available software, and something so basic should be made available through the Eijiro homepage for global maintenance.

Click on Windows 10 start button and choose File Explorer. Personal Dictionary is also a pretty good dictionary reader program. Copyright information file in HTML format. You will also be asked to enter your admin password, in case you are not currently using an admin account. I have a WordTank 80 but it is still beyond my level to use efficiently. Enter your Admin password and click on Yes to initiate program removal.


pdic eijiro

Choose 2 hit down arrow button. If you also got such problem, you can find useful solution for it.

Lookup – Supported Dictionaries –

Don’t click OK yet. Besides being sleazy, it’s dangerous. The following instructions are for the Windows version, but I think the Mac version should work similarly. Once the removal process is completed, you will receive a confirmation that the selected program has been removed from your computer. What you want to call your dictionary 2. The name you want to appear in the menu of your dictionary reader software menu anything is OK.

Inside the Program Files Folder, look for the Folder belonging to uninstalled program and delete it, in case you still find a folder that belongs to the program that you just deleted.

How do you take 1. Ignore this it’s just an option for 8. And some of them get into trouble when uninstalling the software and some of them can uninstall the software but get problem after the uninstallation.

pdic eijiro

Ellipsis button to browse for file. However, many users got difficulty and problem in uninstalling it from the computer. And you do not need to know which file and registry key belongs to the program and whether it will destroy your PC if you delete eijjiro. Check the first four:. Desired subfolder name up to 8 alphanumeric characters, not important what you put.


I use pdic’s shortcut keys to switch between kana and kanji entries see tips above to avoid doubling the size of the dictionary file, but if people wanted it I might create some tools to convert Eijiro to a yomigana-style dictionary for free. Eiijiro the top one.

Right-click in the screen’s bottom-left corner and click Control Panel from the pop-up menu. Select the one on the left.

Completely Remove PDIC Unicode for EIJIRO

Locate the program that you wish to uninstall and right click on it. Fortunately, I was able to connect them to the guilty party so they decided not pdi sue me. Format of the input file: As it happens with most computer users, you may no longer be using many of the programs that you had installed on your Windows computer. Use the values shown in the image. You must create an index for each type of search you want to allow.

When you search for a term, the search engine searches the indeces rather than the entire file this is why a huge dictionary can be searched almost instantly–actually searching the dictionary itself would take much longer.