What would you like secondary sources for I’m not very good with Wikipedia, so, I’m not entirely sure about what you want them for specifically Gradyfitz talk Phun was created by Emil Ernerfeldt for his thesis project at Umea University. Phun is very notable, and has been installed on over 2 million school computers. I have added the ‘refimprove’ banner. This page was last edited on 17 November , at Teachers need to realize that this application is only a sand box. It is this type of guided instruction that allows for student exploration and inquisition of applications not yet learned.

phunland wiki

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There was one problem though.

phunland wiki

Phun is transformative in that it encourages the transformation from traditional to more contemporary learning practices by permitting students to learn without having formulas and equations thrown at them and then expecting them to solve problems centered around physics with paper and pencils.

It is a great resource to have in schools that have computers but struggle to get teaching and learning resources due to the high cost of science related software.

It is used to expose students to physics related topics such as engineering, simulation, animation, and art.

phunland wiki

Please dont delete this page. I remember being in physics class in high school and having to sit through an extended period of physics right around wii time.

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This page was last edited on 5 Juneat I will do that in a little while Phun can be a useful tool in classrooms that can be used by teachers and students to create meaningful learning experiences through the study of the laws of physics, but not on a technical, scientific level to which students are accustomed when they are presented with such an academic subject.


In addition, it promotes interest in science and technology among kids, youth, students and even adults. In any case, students are actively and willfully trying to achieve a cognitive goal, thinking and learning more because they are fulfilling an intention.

Phun is constructivist in nature and allows students to actively engage in and “construct” their own knowledge based on their experiences. Underneath the menu bar is the simulation control bar.

Physics portal v t e This redirect is within the scope of WikiProject Physicsa collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Physics on Wikipedia. With applications, such as Phun, at our finger tips, teachers need to be exposing their students to these exciting, meaningful tools phunlqnd having them create their own meanings from real-life experiences.

Transformative Applications in Education/Phun

Transformative Applications in Education: According to the creators of Phun, this tool is based on the constructionist approach to enable learning. On its own, Phun is simply going to remain in students’ memories as part of a superb personal experience phunlajd an animation application to explore physics concepts.

If my teachers, both in science and math, could have figured out a better, more engaging way to teach me about math and science, I would have gotten more out of the classes. One of the main transformative potentials is that it makes physics fun, which in the real world is difficult to achieve.

Phun is very notable, and has been installed on over 2 million school computers. I have added the ‘refimprove’ banner.

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Views Read Edit New section View history. It’s long term mission is to bring visual physics based simulation to the masses.

I didn’t have any experiences to which I could relate my formulas, and I really didn’t care because the formulas didn’t have any relevance to my life. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


One was about a neologismanother was for phun. Hence, students could actively engage by a meaningful task in which they manipulate objects and parameters of the environment they are working in and observe the results of their manipulations.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I am sorry if I make a mistake here, I’m not very good with wikipedia, this article was being written while wuki beta testing was taking phynland of the new version of Phun, Algodoo Phun Edition beta 5, Algodoo runs on the Phun engine, and Phun as its old uses were known, is now Algodoo Phun Edition free for non commercial useAlgodoo is the Educational version of the program, Algodoo is the name that is on the software in the article, and that is why you were unable to find the program in the article.

Using Phun users experience the relevance of basic concepts such as, time, space, conservation of energy and momentum, friction, restitution, viscosity, air resistance, fluid flow, incompressibility or rather the oppositemechanisms and constraints. Changing the way we teach and learn. I would sit there, wait for the instructor to give us some kind of formula to use to figure out problems having to do with gravity, force, mass, etc.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” https: When the application is phuland, there are three toolbars that appear at the top of the screen.