Expressive verbs, which have been substituted in the translation by more neutral ones, belonged to the following groups: Cultural memory displays itself through the symbols relevant to the community: How is something, that cannot be seen, conveyed? How Do You Raise a Rhino? Nowadays people tend to spend rather big sums of money for aromatherapy, removal of unpleasant smell, wearing scent. Kristoforo kamerinis orkestras, dirigentas D.

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The target audience of readers may be important as well, e.

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Lithuanian Children of the Nineties. It is noteworthy that the relationship of life and death, the quick and the dead, is also one of the central themes of expressionism art; therefore, in the article special attention is paid to the specific elements of the grotesque, characteristic to the aesthetics of expressionism art, used by Rainis, which are examined in the context of the creative work of Georg Kaiser, Leonid Andreyev, Ernst Toller, and other classics of expressionism.

The poetry of Vainilaitis reveals the harmony of images, sounds, odours and emotions. The Guinness of Book Records The features of reception of contemporary Lithuanian and Finish historical novels are presented and compared and the causes of such reception are discussed in the article.

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The perspectives of the employment of modern computer technologies in the production of the semantic publications of historical sources and the creation of the specialized semantic network are also discussed in this paper. Further the author expands the characteristics of smell by adding colour, a velvet touch, i. In this work the author presents an original method for the realization of project-based sniwgas, including walking tours of the city and the encouragement of students from abroad to generate creative content in the form of an illustrated essay.


The most common images marking the boundary of the year—the door, the window, and the doorstep—can also be related to the heritage of the snoegas culture. The stupefying smell which is present at wood area, erases borders between reality and dream that mattered in a romantic picture of the world.


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The Creator in His turn gives moments sniegaas grace, and continues to refer to him with love. Open Door to Spanish. The aim of the study is to reveal the meaning and sense of smell in Lithuanian folksongs. He wrote and translated numerous books, among them the first literature book and the first book on popular-science in Latvian.

There are almost no precedent texts among the associations of the word kaimas village. The Red Badge of Courage. Smells and other means of body language in the context of everyday culture is emphasised, a symbolic-allegoric meaning of the text is discussed.

The Cooking of Scandinavia.

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Watching a PlayTube video that was embedded into a web page or blog post. Eastern and Southeastern Lithuania, Vilnius, Soviet-ethnic demographic policy, homogenization.

The Consolidated Webster Encyclopedic. The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau 5. It is summarised that the signs of love, feelings of longing, and sentimental emotions distinguish his poetry. Various smells signify a specifi c place and, as the author draws the time line in his narration, historical events. Building small Barns, Sheds. The Naked and the Dead.


Bermuda and The Bahamas.

However, the representatives of Siauliai never gained any significant influence in the Parliament of the Lithuanian Republic. The claim for realism as the leading style was dominant in post-war Soviet cinema — the ideology asked for intelligibility, credibility and patency in the filmic texts as well as in the visual composition.

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The research material of the article consists of so-called ladjes artistic, expressive publicistic and spoken-style modern Lithuanian texts. The Eye of Thomas Jefferson. A correlation between the seasons and totalitarianism is envisaged — and the result is the existence of the reality of everyday life not in a real but rather a fictive world.

Seeking to materialise smell Proust enriches it with additional synaesthetic qualities. They made a significant contribution towards the creation of judiciary foundations of the independent country. Using the transient confusion of society in Lithuania, the Soviet occupiers were able to take control of the country. With a Ladiess subscription, you can: