All lures available network game command: Pro Pilkki 2 – Ice Fishing Game mod 1. Pro Pilkki 2 – Ice Fishing Game original apk 1. The problem occured only when hosting the game without player character as guest. This site is still work in progress, but I published it so you can have a little taste.

propilkki 1.0.3

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Only the results played in official accepted records hosts are qualified for records list. Exclusive full screen mode display mode change removed due to various incompatibility issues with display adapters and OS versions.

In a free trial version you have access to three lakes, practice mode, single player competition and local records.

Introduction A Word from the Webmaster: Accelerated for downloading big mod files. Propilkkii is also in progress with a game type index.

Propilkki II version released

Free – Root needed: Support added for embedded Motion Plus new Wiimote controller. User is fully responsible of propiljki when using Wiimote-controller with Propilkki. Obviously, you can take another approach: Improved detection of speed cheating.


propilkki 1.0.3

Adjusted the probablities of line snapping and fish getting away. New host chat command to turn public chat on or off. Pro Pilkki 2 – Ice Fishing Game mod 1. See other playlists here.

propilkki 1.0.3

ptopilkki Network services host list, network records moved to a dedicated server. Full Specifications Download Infomation Size Fixed non-standard HTTP messages and improved the compatibility with firewall and anti-virus software.

Host list sorting fixed according to “info”-column. It started out as a little exercise in webdesign for my own amusement, but soon grew to something bigger.

How does it work? Only private and team messages are delivered: The problem occured only when hosting the game without player character as guest.

Pro Pilkki 2 version for PC released –

The game can be downloaded here: Network game is not compatible with previous game versions due to the new lakes and probability adjustments. Fix for lost fish in extreme network jamming situation. Wiimote might not work with all Bluetooth adapters.


Challenge yourself in single player tournaments and when you think you’re good enough, prove it to the other world by joining the public online games. Support for Wiimote controller in fishing. Proplikki Burger Mod Apk 1.

Pro Pilkki v1.3 release for different platforms

Propi,kki need to create an account for network records from “Player setup” -section in the game e-mail address is required. High Hoops Mod Apk 1. Big fish are now practically always fitting up from a bigger drill hole 6″. Behaviour is now identical for the host and clients.

propilkki 1.0.3

Finish the vote on HappyMod. Music Slayer Mod Apk 1.