All possible values are documented under jQuery’s Event bind http: For example, these two are equivalent:. By modifying one line of code in the qTip plugin though it is hard to find the code in the ‘min’ version , you’ll restore compatibility with jQuery. The example below will show the qTip off a image and show the tip centred and to the right of the image, in a nice two tone green. Determines whether or not the tooltip is shown as soon as it is bound to the element i. For example, these two are equivalent:

qtip2 example

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This llets you do nifty things, like animate it’s position on focus like above! This is most useful for plugins and code which requires the tooltip to be completely hidden, if it is to function correctly. Determines the type of effect that takes place when hiding the tooltip.

Will check it out. Additional hide setting exampl allows you to specify whether the tooltip will hide when leaving the window it’s contained within. Try to avoid it! This tooltip will only hide after hovering the hide. Absolutely agree with EnderMB. On thing to note with this is I am wtip2 jquery 1.

Because this event is fired after the tooltip is already shown, the event. We can also cause the tooltip to open if multiple elements are moused exxample e.


qtip2 example

This is useful for image galleries and other image-oriented sites that need to provide nice visual cues of their context. By default this is true i. A positive or negative pixel value by which to offset the tooltip in the vertical plane e. Stacking properties Ocassionally you’ll want multiple tooltips visible within close proximity to eachother, but this can cause some headaches with examplee priority.

If a string is passed, it used as a jQuery selector to select all tooltips to be hidden. Notes If no valid content is found within the elements attribute, and content. The content object defines what content will be displayed within qtkp2 tooltip, as well as the the title of the tooltip and various other aspects. Value must be unique and contain no special characters.

How to use jQuery qTip? – Stack Overflow

Examples Let’s setup some elements with custom metadata attached via a custom tag: Events The events object determines the initial event handlers which are bound to the tooltip. If no valid content is provided, the button will not be created.

More qTip [Old plugin] Simpletip [Old er plugin]. If set to false, no animation takes place.

qtip2 example

The corner of the position. How to use jQuery qTip?

Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor.

The show object defines what events trigger the tooltip to show on which elements, as well as the initial delay and several other exaample. This feature is slightly different in 2.


This is handy for situations where you need to use similar tooltips for several elements on the page. Negative values cause a reduction in the value e. Setting this to true will cause tooltips to be created on page load, which can have significant page load increases if qtkp2 large set of elements are being targeted.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. This simple code exaple the documentation website works perfectly now with these same versions. This example will make your tooltips appear when the show.

qtip2 example

Position configure where your tooltips show exzmple The position object defines various attributes of the tooltip position, including the element it is positioned in relation to, and when the position is adjusted within defined viewports. Sign up using Email and Password.

Set this option to true to adjust the tooltips position when the window or position.